Master Degree Scholarships in Helsinki Finland

While looking for universities abroad, why not consider the beautiful city of Helsinki? Finland provides the advantage of free college education as higher education institutions are run by the government itself and variety of master  degree scholarships are available in all cities of Finland specially Helsinki which is the capital city. This not only benefits the students from European Union countries but also non-EU students as it opens gates to various degree programs. The only problem left is the costs of living and food. University programs in Finland are offered in three languages: Finnish, Swedish, and English. However, programs in English require students to pay tuition fees as well.

Scholarship Schemes in Helsinki

Finnish universities generally do not offer scholarships mainly due to their system of cost-free education. But the Finnish government recently introduced the concept of tuition fees for students from outside the EU countries seeking admission for degrees offered in English. In comparison to other universities in Europe, Finnish universities only charge small amount of fees from international students along with offering them many master degree scholarships. Therefore for English-language degree programs, there is an exception for scholarships to non-EU students coming into effect from fall 2017.

Universities in Finland offer state of the art degrees in engineering, business, finance and marketing, information technology, communication, economics, law, health sciences, and medicine.  Each university or scholarship type has its own requirements and eligibility criteria.

Master Degree Scholarships at University of Helsinki


The University of Helsinki, in collaboration with the Fulbright Centre, provides full scholarship to students coming to Helsinki for a master’s degree from the United States of America.

With the introduction of tuition fees in Finland, University of Helsinki opens scholarship opportunities for non-EU students for its master’s degree programs. The university offers scholarships in four categories:

  1. Tuition fees + living costs grant
  2. Tuition fees
  3. Half of the tuition fees
  4. Living costs grant

Eligibility criteria: These scholarships are offered only for master degrees. For this, students must be eligible to apply in a master’s program at the University of Helsinki by meeting the admission demands. The university requires students to be committed to their studies and earn at least 55 credits per year to maintain the scholarship.

Find the program you wish to hold a master’s degree in and prepare to apply for scholarship at the University of Helsinki. Admissions for fall 2018 will remain open from December 1, 2017 – January 12, 2018. For information on master degree programs, visit the university’s official website:

Fulbright-University of Helsinki Graduate Award for U.S. Applicants (2017-2018)

The University of Helsinki, in collaboration with the Fulbright Centre, provides full scholarship to students coming to Helsinki for a master degree from the United States of America. The award is granted for the first year of a master degree and can proceed to the following year based on a student’s academic results. Master degree scholarships are available for the fields of chemistry, biotechnology, bioinformatics, environmental engineering, space sciences, forest sciences, history, and geo-informatics. The award grants 1000 euros per month. In addition to the scholarship award, students are also granted travel awards, accident/sickness insurance, and cost-free introductory Finnish language course.

Eligibility criteria: Only U.S. students applying in the University of Helsinki for a complete master’s degree are eligible for this scholarship.

U.S. students can grab your chance of earning this scholarship for the year 2017-2018 by applying latest by October 11, 2017.

Master Degree Scholarship at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Like University of Helsinki, Metropolia University has also introduced a scholarship scheme for non-EU students.

Eligibility criteria: 100% scholarships are granted to students for the first academic year passing the entrance test with outstanding marks. A scholarship exempting 75% of the tuition fees will be granted in the second academic year after examining the student’s academic results of the first year. Master’s students having achieved a minimum of 25 credits in the first year are eligible for 75% scholarship in the second year.

The university has not yet specified the application deadlines for academic year 2018. For more details, visit the university’s official website:

Master Degree Scholarship at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Unlike the previous two universities mentioned, Haaga-Helia University does not offer full scholarship. It exempts only 30% of the total tuition fees for master’s degree programs. Further information can be found at

Hanken Scholarships

Hanken School of Economics provides scholarships in three categories:

  1. Hanken Premium Scholarship: tuition fees and living expenses
  2. Hanken Honors Scholarship: tuition fees
  3. Hanken Support Scholarship: 50% tuition fees

Eligibility criteria: Students from all non-EU countries having attained a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply.

Admissions open twice a year at Hanken. Deadlines will be posted by the university on its official website:

Note that all these scholarships are offered only for English-language master’s programs. They are not to be confused by degrees offered in Finnish or Swedish.

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