Master of Engineering – MS Scholarships in Canada

Most of the students in Pakistan are often optimistic to apply for scholarships online. Even though finding Engineering scholarships in Canada is a bit challenging but a little effort can actually get you in the top Canadian universities. Canadian scholarships are available for Pakistani students at the top Canadian universities. The total number of Engineering scholarships in Canada is uncountable thus there is an array of options to choose from. You can choose different universities to study in.

Pakistani students can actually apply for different engineering programs in Canadian universities to pursue their aims and dreams. Canadian scholarships for Pakistani students provide a great opportunity to study abroad. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best Engineering scholarships in Canada that are most suitable for Pakistani students.

The University of Winnipeg Scholarship –  President’s Scholarship for World Leaders – Canadian Scholarships for Pakistani students

The University of Winnipeg is known as one of the world-class universities. They offer quality education in bachelors and masters programs. There are more than 5 per cent international students studying at the University of Winnipeg. Therefore, it almost consists of 500 students who come from a wide variety of 68 different countries. 

The experts at the University of Winnipeg strongly believe that education must be a right for everyone. The worthiest Scholarship for international students at the University of Winnipeg is President’s Scholarship for World Leaders that is considered as the best Engineering scholarship in Canada.

  • The primary need for this application is for students who have been leaders in their classrooms.
  • They demand their applying students to demonstrate high leadership skills and be able to submit their entire award application in time. 
  • Furthermore, the complete application form must be submitted before the deadline. 
  • They take responsibility for almost 3500 to 5500 thousand dollars.
  • It is not just constricted to a few students, but students of all nationalities are free to apply at the University of Winnipeg for the Scholarship of World Leaders.
  • The deadline for the fall session of 2020 is 30th September 2019.

York University’s Scholarship – VISTA Masters Scholarships in Canada – Engineering scholarships for Pakistani students in Canada

Their vision of York University is to give access to international students over a variety of subjects. They believe in learning through extensive research and provide this option to their International students too. The great news is that it allows a variety of 8500 international students from all around the globe. It can be your chance to be one of them.

The great news is that it allows a variety of 8500 international students from all around the globe. It can be your chance to be one of them. The learning opportunities provided at York University are diverse, which allow the students to gain distinctive viewpoints. It gives them the best opportunities to explore their career in several fields. This broadens their mind and makes them successful in a thousand different ways. If you wish to seek a scholarship for your Master’s degree in Engineering in Canada, then York University can make this dream come true for you. The York University’s VISTA Masters scholarships are meant to be for you. 

  • This Scholarship is accessible to all the Canadian as well as the International students.
  • The study can be conducted under the VISTA expert and his guidance.
  • This Scholarship is offered to the Electrical Engineering students.
  • This Scholarship is tremendous, and it awards up to 10,000 dollars’ worth of Scholarship. 
  • It states that If English is not your second language, then you must meet some basic needs for it. This is because it is the first Language there so you might have to perform some tests to make sure that you have a grasp over some Basic English. 
  • The students who have studied the Canadian curriculum before are eligible for this award.
  • It does not require an award application.
  • You must apply for the Master’s program at York University to obtain this Scholarship. You must use for the subjects that are mentioned above. No other subject will be entertained.
  • The supervisor of VISTA must support your application.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships – Engineering Scholarships in Canada – Masters of Engineering scholarships in Canada

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships program is a great chance for international students to pursue their Master’s degree through this Canadian Scholarship. They basically enable Canada’s college to pull in a wide variety of doctoral understudies from crosswise over Canada and around the globe. The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship program was first declared in the 2008 government spending plan. It was a feature of a more extensive technique to expand the supply of profoundly qualified research staff in Canada and brand Canada worldwide as a country known for quality research and research preparing.

The Vanier Canada Scholarship program looks for three constituents in the students who wish to apply:

  • Excellent academic background
  • Leadership qualities to rule
  • The potential to research
  •  It allows foreign citizens to apply for Engineering Research.
  • It awards a scholarship of up to $50,000.
  • The deadline for applying this year is 6th November 2019.

Wilfrid Laurier University Scholarships in Canada – Engineering scholarships in Canada for Pakistani students – Canadian Scholarships for Pakistani students

Wilfrid Laurier University is known to be rated the number one university in student’s satisfaction every year. They believe in the fact that they can make any student from any cultural background comfortable on their premises to learn new and better things. The valuable professors working under this institution give you challenges every single day, which is how you flourish day by day. If you wish to be a part of the Wilfrid Laurier University, then you must apply for the valuable scholarships here.  

  • This scholarship program is available for all international students.
  • They allow the students to apply for Scholarship for all the subjects taught at this University.
  • The deadline for applying in this session will send on 26th September 2019. 
  • This Scholarship is given to all students. It works for full-time and part-time students.
  • Once you fill in the application form, then you will be informed through emails about your selection. These emails will be sent between December and January.
  • Once you have completed your profile, then the University will determine if you are eligible for this award or not.

University of Guelph in Canada – Highly Qualified Personnel Scholarship Program – Canadian Scholarships for Pakistani students

The University of Guelph resembles no other college in Canada. It is genuinely research-escalated and student-focused. Their grounds length urban centre points and rustic networks and are known for greatness in expressions of the human experience and sciences. Due to the successful students that have graduated from the University of Guelph, currently, they have an excess of 173,000 graduated class living in more than 160 nations. Guelph has a very liberal grant program that perceives scholarly accomplishments and supports understudies in their continuation of study. In 2017, more than $31 million in grants were granted to Guelph understudies. The university provides exceptional Engineering scholarships in Canada suitable for everyone.

  • This Scholarship is given to the students who apply in the first semester of the Master’s program, which can be research-based. 
  • The English Language is the number one priority for this application; therefore if it is not your first language, then you must learn its necessary skills. The admission without the grasp over the English Language can be denied easily. 
  • The students of masters can have access to about $21,300 per year. 
  • The students in Canada and international students are eligible to apply for this Scholarship.
  • You must not have started a graduate program at any other university before applying here. 
  • The applying candidate must not be an employee of OMAFRA.

University of Waterloo Scholarship – Ontario Graduate Scholarship – Scholarship for Pakistani Students – Masters of Engineering Scholarships in Canada

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program is mainly a government funded program for master’s levels. The merit-based scholarship is available for Pakistani as well as other international students who want to pursue their careers in Engineering. The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is specifically chosen for the less-fortunate students who have problems in pursuing their studies. The government-funded scholarship awards almost 15,000 dollars to the students applying for the scholarship. Here are the details of the Canadian Scholarship which an applicant must know. 

  • It is prized at $15,000 annually.
  • The scholarship is held for a minimum duration of two sequential terms.
  • Be a Pakistani or any other international student studying in Ontario to be eligible for this award.
  • In order to apply for the scholarship, it is important to achieve first-class average in two academic years. That is, minimum of A-/80%.
  • You must have the transcript of all the previous institution you’ve attended whether you have the degree or not.
  • It is necessary for the students to take the OGS or QEII-GSST award for at least two terms or three terms.

University of Waterloo scholarships – Hira and Kamal Ahuja International Graduate Scholarship – Engineering Scholarships for Pakistani Students

University of Waterloo offers multiple Canadian Scholarships for Pakistani students. Hira and Kamal Ahuja Graduate scholarship is one of them. International students can easily apply for the scholarship online.

  • The scholarship is awarded at $20,000 and is provided every year to the full-time student who is enrolled in an Engineering Master’s program.
  • Students from Thapar University in Punjab are highly encouraged to apply. The student must be a full-time graduate student and should have a Canadian study permit.
  • The value of the scholarship is $20,000.
  • It is a Masters and Doctoral level scholarship.

The courses you can apply for are;

  • Engineering; Architecture,
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering, 
  • MBET,
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering,
  • Chemical Engineering,
  • Systems Design Engineering
  • Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering.
  • You must be an International student or a study permit student.
  • The students are selected by the faculty or the department.
  • It is a fall session scholarship.

University of Waterloo Scholarship – Norman Esch Graduate Scholarship – Scholarship for Pakistani students – Canadian scholarships for engineering students

Norman Esch Graduate Scholarship is provided to all the international students and Pakistani students who wish to pursue their career in engineering. University of Waterloo provides different Engineering scholarships in Canada that are most suitable for international students. Here are all the details of the Norman Esch Graduate Scholarship that an applicant must know.

  • Three different scholarships are awarded at $10,000 per year to the full-time graduate students mainly based on academic excellence. Other than this, the students who possess an entrepreneurial outlook are also preferred.
  • Preference is usually given to those in financial need.
  • Students who are interested to apply should submit a mini-business plan to the Coordinator.
  • The funding is made through the donation from Esch Foundation’s Norman Esch Entrepreneurial Challenge in Engineering Fund.  
  • The value of the award is $10,000.
  • It is a Masters and Doctoral level scholarship.
  • You are eligible if you are applying for the program of Engineering; MBET.
  • You must be a Permanent resident of Canada or an international student with a study permit student.
  • Make sure you submit the application online, in order to apply.
  • Winter and fall term scholarships are currently available.
  • The deadline of the application varies, depending on the term you are applying in. Official Link

If you wish to seek admission in any of the universities mentioned above, then do not waste any more time and apply before its too late. Just make sure that you keep the deadlines in mind.  You must consider all the requirements demanded by the University and land up to their conditions successfully. You can efficiently study abroad in Canada for a master’s degree with a scholarship if you seek the correct information at the right time. There are numerous other Engineering Scholarships in Canada coming up. In order to apply, keep the deadlines and requirements in mind.