MAWISTA Scholarship for Intentional Students with babies

Studying abroad when you are parent is a very tough task. And it becomes even difficult when you are a single parent. Through this scholarship, Mawista organization help those students who have baby but still want to study abroad and complete their educational dreams. Mawista scholarship is blessing for students with babies. Studying in foreign country needs extra effort and specially in situation when you want to fulfill your dreams and also pay your parental duties at the same time, Mawista scholarship will help you pay the necessary bills.

How Mawista Scholarship will help you?

Students who have baby can face difficult situation and most probably they may end up postponing their dream to study abroad if they do not find help which they need to manage time and expenses to cover their study cost along with child cost. A thorough planning is required before they move abroad to start their degree. One of the biggest challenge is childcare which they need during the week when they will be out for their classes. Mawista scholarship will help them pay childcare fee which in other case is an extra cost for students with babies.

Scholarship Value

Mawista scholarship pays Euros 500 each month for upto one year. There are 5 grants available each year and all 5 students get Euros 500 every month to support their study and child expenses during their stay abroad. Official link

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