Military Scholarships in Australia

Do you want to learn how to fly a fighter jet and protect your people? Do you wish to become the commander who leads the tank in war? And do you want to experience marine life in an armed environment? In short, do you want to join the military and serve your country? Many young age boys dream of becoming a soldier one day. A lot wish to get a military training from abroad. However, some of them are not capable of affording foreign education even if they’re very talented. Like many countries, Australia also provides scholarship opportunities to students who want to pursue a promising career in military science. The different military related programs offered in Australian universities not only include physical training for joining the forces, but also the side disciplines connected to military. Following lines will discuss the various scholarship options for military science in Australia.

Australian Maritime College Scholarships by University of Tasmania

The Australian Maritime College is a separate institute of the University of Tasmania. The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fields related to marine life which prepare students to be able to serve anywhere worldwide. These programs include maritime engineering and hydrodynamics, maritime business and international logistics, ocean seafaring, and coastal seafaring. The college grants different scholarships to students based on their financial backgrounds or academic performances. Some of the scholarships by the Australian Maritime College are listed below:

Excellent Achiever Scholarship

Military Scholarships in Australia, Source: Australian Aviation

The Excellent Achiever Scholarship is awarded to students studying a discipline of Maritime Business and Logistics Management. The scholarship is for the first year and includes a grant of $8,200 along with a single room on-campus accommodation. The grant is limited: awarded to only two students who achieve an Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking (ATAR) of 90 or above and are seeking to be enrolled in any undergraduate discipline of Maritime Logistics Management section. Applications are open at the moment. Apply latest by October 31, 2017.

Merchant Navy War Memorial Fund Scholarship

The Merchant Navy War Memorial Fund awards scholarships to students pursuing an undergraduate degree course at the Australian Maritime College. The scholarship is awarded for a semester to financially deserving students taking marine related courses. The grant amount is $2,500 and is offered to students who are Australian citizens. For international students, they must hold a Humanitarian Visa to be eligible to apply. Applications for 2018 close on September 15, 2017.

Women in Maritime Engineering Scholarship

This is a great opportunity for female students to be part of marine life. To increase chances for women to participate in marine related science, the Australian Maritime College offers scholarships to female students going for study areas like Marine and Offshore Systems, Naval Architecture, and Ocean Engineering. The scholarship is open for semester 1 that will be commenced in 2018. Female students applying must meet the Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking (ATAR) 70 or above. The scholarship will include 75% exemption of fee with allocation of an on-campus single room. Apply latest by October 31, 2017.

Furness Withy Australia Pty Ltd Scholarship

Furness Withy Australia is offering scholarships to students at the Australian Maritime College seeking admission in 2018 for Maritime and Logistics Management, and for Maritime Technology Management. This scholarship is for the student who will be starting his second or third year of degree and has shown positive past results. The scholarship amounts to $5,000 and is for one year. The student must be an Australian citizen; if he is an international student then he must hold a Humanitarian Visa. Closing date of applications is February 28, 2018.

These are four of the scholarships granted to students of Australian Maritime College. For information on more scholarships, the link is given below:

National Security Policy Scholarship

The Australian National University offers degree programs in Military and Defence Studies, and National Security Policy. National Security Policy Scholarship is an award granted to students pursuing a Masters in National Security Policy at ANU College of Asia and the Pacific. This award is a 100% tuition fee exemption for international students who have completed a successful bachelor’s degree in a related field with average distinction and have acceptable English language skills. Students need to submit their application along with a statement of aims, Curriculum Vitae, and two written academic references. The applications for 2018 are open till December 15, 2017.

University of South Australia Scholarships

The University of South Australia is the largest university in South Australia. The university offers a number of degree and training programs related to the field of military and defence. Below listed are some of the areas the university offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in:

  • Military Systems Integration
  • Engineering
  • Material Sciences
  • Sensors
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Aviation
  • Communication and Signal Processing

The university provides study as well as training courses in these fields. For example, in the Bachelor of Aviation, there are two specializations: Pilot or Aviation Management. The University of South Australia has different scholarship schemes for international students.

Vice Chancellor’s International Excellence Scholarship

Through this scheme, international students are awarded a scholarship which is a 50% exemption of tuition fee for their four years of study. Students need to meet the requirements to qualify for study in Australia to be applicable for the scholarship. The students also need to meet the program admission requirements and English proficiency requirement. Successful applicants for the scholarship become international ambassadors for the university. They need to maintain a Grade Point Average of 5 or above in every semester to continue the scholarship in next term.

International Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is a 25% exemption of the tuition fee and is not awarded for the complete degree but only for the first year. The scholarship is offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. The eligibility criterion is the same as that of Vice Chancellor’s International Excellence Scholarship.

Australian Government Scholarships

Australian Government Scholarships, or Australian Awards, are international scholarships by the government of Australia providing international students the opportunity to study for free in Australia. The University of South Australia has collaboration with the Australian Awards which enables students to come to the university from countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Nigeria, Jordon, Kenya, and Sri Lanka to study all programs including those of military and defence. The award conducts a mandatory introductory course before the start of the degree twice a year. Application dates are different for every country. For further details, go to:

Endeavour Awards

The Endeavor Awards is Australia’s prestigious scholarship program that offers grants to domestic and international students. This scholarship scheme is for the students coming from Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, and America. The scholarship provides research opportunities to international students and broadens their perspectives. Students must first be enrolled at the University of South Australia to become eligible for this scholarship.

More details about military scholarships at the University of South Australia can be found at

These are some of the best scholarships available for programs in military and military science. Pick your program of study and apply right away in Australia.