Nursing Scholarships in Australia

Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. The medics are well trained and guided in the relevant institutes. Those who form a career in any field in health care are one of the highest paid classes in Australia. For this reason more and more young people are taking courses like MBBS, nursing, diagnostic sonography, physiotherapy etc. Particularly, more than ever people are associating themselves with nursing. This field offers bright job prospects. Nurses can provide their services in hospitals, clinics, maternity centers, and other healthcare facilities. A lot of universities and colleges in Australia offer nursing courses. Just like other educational courses in Australia, nursing courses are also expensive. However, a lot of scholarships for nursing courses are available. These nursing scholarships are funded by the university itself as well as different organizations and memorial trusts.

Below is a list of nursing scholarships that can be availed for studying in Australian universities:

Roger Wurm Nursing Scholarship Fund

The Nurses Memorial Foundation of South Australia provides scholarships for nursing students enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate programs at any university in Australia. For more information, review the flyer.

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Betty Jeffrey Award

The Nurses Memorial Centre (NMC) was established to honor the nurses who gave their lives in WW2. Betty Jeffrey was one of the founding members of this memorial. Hence, Betty Jeffrey Award is a nursing scholarship funded by NMC. For more info, click here.

Anne Murray Mental Health Scholarship for Nursing Students

Anne Murray was a nurse who died quite young due to dementia. To keep her legacy alive, this scholarship is provided to postgraduate nursing students studying at any university in Australia. This scholarship is also offered by NMC. Visit for more info.

Mary Potter Foundation Palliative Care Grant for Nursing Students

This one-year nursing scholarship grant is provided to University of South Australia nursing students enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program. The purpose of this scholarship is to promote and create awareness regarding palliative care. Head to the link for more briefing.

Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women Nursing Scholarships

Another scholarship funded by NMC, this scholarship is granted to those women who are a family member of someone who has served in defense. Those women can also avail this nursing scholarship who are ready to serve in rural and backward areas. Direct here for further information.

Australian College of Nursing Grants and Awards

Australian College of Nursing awards a lot of grants and scholarships to nursing students studying at an Australian University. The purpose is to promote this profession and help the needy students. Visit this link if you are interested.

Prince Henry’s Affiliates Nursing Scholarship

This nursing scholarship was originally offered by Prince Henry’s Hospital but is now offered by NMC. One scholarship is offered after every two years. This scholarship is for postgraduate nursing students who are specializing in patient-centered acute care. Direct to this link to find out more.

Rural Nursing Scholarships

A number of nursing scholarships are awarded to those nursing students who are willing to be in a remote area for clinical placement. You can get more information from here.


  1. I am a graduate nurse with diploma.
    I am from Africa precisely Nigeria
    I love Australia and would love to enhance my studies through the scholarship scheme.

  2. I’m Mavis from Ghana. Have been practicing nursing for the past two years upon graduating from the University. I really love to add up to my nursing skills by means of masters and at Australia. Please, any assistance as to how to secure a scholarship?


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