Overseas Students Life In Germany

Overseas students learning in Germany love their stay and gratefully suggest their experience to other international students; this is according to 2014 International Student Satisfaction Awards of StudyPortal. Virtually 7,000 students all over the world shared their reviews and impressions regarding universities and colleges in Europe, on SteXXX.eu, the biggest database of global student experiences. Virtually, 600 students out of all reviewers stated on their experience of learning in Germany.

In general, Germany had a total rating of 8.7 out of ten and, in the 11th place when it comes to student’s satisfaction. Student’s impression offers a fascinating outlook on colleges in Germany and could aid potential students choose on their future study location. Altogether seventeen universities in Germany got an award for global student’s satisfaction. 2 of them, Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen and Friederich Schiller University of Jena, were awarded distinctions for outstanding international student satisfaction, with average ratings of 9.4 out of 10. A more 8 German colleges were considered superb and 7 were rated” extremely good”.

Internationa students life in Germany

The Best Thing about Students Life in Germany

Overseas students had extremely positive feedbacks regarding the cultural setting and cities in Germany. As a matter of fact, feedback shows that international learners in Germany placed a remarkable significant on the living environment and city than the European average. The huge German cities sustain a global atmosphere, attracting students from all corners of the globe. Learners were also satisfied with the reason that schools in Germany offer English taught program or courses, however still there lot of opportunities to know more German too. There are lots of opportunities to mingle and take part in exciting activities either arranged by the schools or simply happening in the city as a whole. A lot of students also loved travelling in the country.

Those who studied in this country were happier with the educational side, even if some might argue there’s no room for enhancement. They happy and contented with the reason that programs assisted their self-development and pleased with tutor involvement. A lot also report high academic standard and very experienced tutors. The superiority of services is also admired by a lot of international students.

The Disputes of Learning in Germany

female-studentOverseas students in this country complained concerning the absence of activities in a number of smaller cities and towns in Germany. Students in these areas found the social life dull and suggested going to bigger cities. There were also a number of students who were not contented with the staff services particularly the high level of government and the absence of essential information for international students. Familiarity of the language is recommended, and overseas students must pay close attention to the language of tuition that is often German with restricted set of English-taught programs.

All in all, Germany is a country of ideas wherein education, research and science play a major role. It is considered one of the best countries in the world most preferred by overseas students. The students life in Germany are both fulfilling and demanding.

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