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Pacific College Of Technology Sydney
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In this progressive era, various components have their contribution towards the achievement of excellence, efficiency, speed, and quality. Among all these contributors the most major and significant one is TECHNOLOGY. Technology has enabled the development of life at fast paced. It has made life easier and speedy. From medical to engineering or education to arts whatever name it technology has its impact everywhere and so deep that no one can deny its significance. In this time of development education equipped with advanced technology has become the utmost need of every nation.  Industries need workforce from various domains with technology proficiency so to make students succeeded in their career such education is necessary.

To fulfill the demand of this competitive market and to make students achieve their goal PACIFIC COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY is facilitating students in Sydney, Australia. Pacific College is working since 2002. It offers various courses in different domains for all kinds of students. Along with professional degrees, it also provides vocational education and training. Pacific college is multi-award winning institute. It enables its graduates to secure a high position in the market. Its programs act as doorways for seeking admission in top level universities. Pacific College is delivering quality education with the support of highly qualified staff with professionalism.

COURSES at Pacific College Of Technology

Pacific college is offering various courses since 2002. List of courses is listed below

  • Accounting
    • Diploma In Accounting
    • Advance Diploma In Accounting
    • Certificate IV In Accounting
  • Business Management
    • Advance Diploma Of Leadership & Management
    • Diploma Of Business Administration
    • Certificate IV In Business Administration
  • Marketing & Human Resource
    • Diploma Of Marketing & Communication
    • Certificate IV In Marketing & Communication
    • Diploma Of Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology
    • Advance Diploma of Network Security
    • Diploma Of Information Technology Networking
    • Certificate IV In Information Technology networking

Let’s have a look at the structure of courses offered.


Course NameDurationFee
Diploma In Accounting12 MonthsA$ 10,000 Per year
Advance Diploma In Accounting12 MonthsA$ 10,000 Per year
Certificate IV In Accounting12 MonthsA$ 10,000 Per year


Course NameCourse CodeDurationFee
Advance Diploma Of Leadership & Management090611E12 MonthsA$ 10,000 Per year
Diploma Of Business Administration087299A12 MonthsA$ 10,000 Per year
Certificate IV In Business Administration087035C06 MonthsA$ 10,000 Per year


Course NameCourse CodeDurationFee
Diploma Of Marketing & Communication093720J18 MonthsA$ 10,000 Per year
Certificate IV In Marketing & Communication093721G12 MonthsA$ 10,000 Per year
Diploma Of Human Resource Management093722G12 MonthsA$ 10,000 Per year

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY at Pacific College Of Technology

Course NameCourse CodeDurationFee
Advance Diploma of Network Security086739A52 WeeksA$ 10,000 Per year
Diploma Of Information Technology Networking086652G52 WeeksA$ 10,000 Per year
Certificate IV In Information Technology Networking086565G52 WeeksA$ 10,000 Per year


ASQA approved Pacific college as it provides courses to international students as well by CRICOS. All the courses offered in these institutes comply with AQF framework and standards set by VET.

Pacific College Of Technology CAMPUS

91-95 Rawson St, Auburn NSW 2144, Australia+61 2 9649 7677

Pacific College is transforming the future by providing the quality education in fields of Information Technology, Accounting, Business, and HR.  This opportunity is for local as well as overseas students.

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