Pakistani International Students & Immigrants Living in Australia

Talking about the history of Pakistanis in Australia is itself a huge topic. Pakistanis have been settled in Australia in the early 1860’s. according to the census done in 1901, there were about 600 cameleers residing in Australia, 240 of them were Afghans and the remaining 360 were belong to the north Indian region which is now called a modern Pakistan. The ex-soldiers of the Indian army, the cameleers were engaged to assist with searching expeditions. The most of the migration between Pakistan and Australia did in the late 1960s and start of 1970s.

Pakistanis in Australia

According to the census done in 1991, there were 5,930 Pakistanis born in Australia. The Pakistani born refugees from the past 20 to 30 years were professionals and mainly from urban areas. The majority of the migrants reside in Victoria and New South Wales. The latest census was done in Australia in 2011 and according to it, the total population of Pakistanis migrants was 30,221, which is about 77.8% more the census done in 2006.The figure released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2006, there were around 4,703 Pakistanis born in Australia and the majority of them living in Melbourne (triple the census done in 1991). In 2011, the distribution of the region is done by the state which showed that the number of Pakistani immigrants in New South Wales is 13,382 which is way more than the immigrants living in Victoria, Queensland and westerns Australia.

The Pakistani born Australians who are currently living in Victoria are highly educated and professional and are continuously contributing in developing the economy of Australia. Lots of Pakistani students are working as professionals in the field of science and technology. They are contributing in other disciplines like transport, trades and sales etc. While Sydney has the largest Pakistani population in Oceania. In short, the fastest rising population in Australia is the Pakistani population. About 14.7% Pakistanis are the largest overseas born contributor.

Pakistanis have also made a lot of progress in the education department. There were about 7,400 Pakistani students were studying in Australia on scholarship and the amount has been raised by 5,000 by the end of 2007. Due to the progressive report, 500 scholarships are given to the Pakistani overseas students in Australia from 2005-2010 who came to Australia for their masters degree. After UK and US, Australia is the one big platform for Pakistani immigrants and students. Australia is the one big and largest market now. In Canberra around 1,000 students Pakistanis are living and still functioning

Pakistan-Australia relationship

Pakistan and Australia are having a strong and bilateral relationship and the growing relationship is getting stronger by the person-to-person link. Pakistan established a diplomatic relationship with Australia when it gets separated from India in 1947. Australia is consigned to support Pakistan as a partner in different matters like it is bound to help Pakistan in building an economic, development, production and help to deal with the security threats etc.

The people of Australia and Pakistan enjoy common traditions and shared attention. Both nations are so crazy about sports and arts. The people to people links are so strong in Pakistan and in Australia as well. The department of education received 14,733 enrollments sent by Pakistani students in 2014. Around 58 Pakistani students get the long term scholarship award in 2014. These awards are basically aimed to make the bond stronger between both the countries.

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