PhD Scholarship at University of Tasmania for International Research Students

The University of Tasmania is public research university located in Tasmania a city of Australia. Officially university was founded in 1890 and is considered as one of top 300 universities in the world. University offer various research courses for both domestic and international students. Those who want to do their PhD from Australian university but do not get admission because of financial issues, they can apply confidently to UTAS as it provides PhD scholarship for international students. If you are willing to get admission in this well-reputed university you can get following PhD scholarships offers

Health professional scholarship

This PhD scholarship at University of Tasmania is provided to those students who get enrolled in PhD scholarship on the cardiovascular health program. The students can get a stipend of $40,000.  The students belonging to any health related field like practitioners, cardiologist, physiotherapist, pharmacist, and nurses are eligible for this scholarship.students can get a scholarship for a period of three years. For further information click on link given below: Official Link

Australian sustainable agriculture scholarship

This PhD scholarship program is offered for both domestic and international students enrolled in research related to social, economic, biophysical and institutional components of agriculture. The students can get an award of $16,000 per annum and will get for three years. They also get $7500 as living allowances as well as$9,166 operational funds. For further information check the link given below: Official Link

Australian government research training program

The PhD scholarship at University of Tasmania is offered to talented international students. The PhD scholarship program is to support students doing their research course at the University of Tasmania. The students will be awarded $26,682 per year. The value of RTP is corresponding to tuition fee rate of the university. The students must be proficient in English and must be enrolled in the research program of UTAS. Official Link

Tasmania Graduated Research Scholarship

The University of Tasmania offers the PhD scholarships for international students enrolled in a research program at the Institute. It offers the award of $26,682 to eligible students. The students must submit complete application otherwise it may not be entertained. For further information click the link: Official Link

Research project scholarship on instrumentation

The students involved in research and analysis of environmental contaminants are eligible for this PhD scholarship at University of Tasmania. The students can get $26,682 allowances per annum for three years. Both domestic and international students are eligible for this scholarship. Students must have research and analytical skills. They must also know about instrument development. Official Link

PhD Scholarship: Wide Span Farming

the students can get both livings as well as operational funds through this PhD scholarship program at University of Tasmania. Students can get $35,000 per annum with$10,000 as operational fund. The study is based on horticulture for the study of wide span technology. The project requires the whole farm to study its feasibility as well as a different environmental factor. Both domestic and international students can apply for this scholarship. Applicants must have first class honor degree and must know about analytical skills. It is good if they know about economic modeling as well as logistics modeling. Official Link

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