Physics Masters Degree Scholarships in Australia for International Students

Australian universities give science lovers the opportunity to study in their country for free. Australia’s top universities give scholarships to international students coming for postgraduate studies in Physics. Below listed are different Physics scholarships offered to students in Australia.

La Trobe College Excellence Scholarships

La Trobe University offers scholarships on merit basis for all its disciplines. The university conducts master’s program in Physics with main areas of focus being surface and materials science, space physics, and x-rays. Physics degree at La Trobe is highly recognized and is one of the best options for students who want to focus on the subject for a career. La Trobe University offers scholarships in three categories. These categories include 15%, 20%, and 25% tuition fees reduction. This scholarship is only applicable for international students. Students are expected to have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree before applying for masters at La Trobe. To be eligible to apply, students must meet the merit requirement of scoring a LTU weighted average mark or equivalent of 65% or above. The scholarship amount depends on how higher the average mark of a student is. More details can be found on the university’s official website:

Dean’s International Science Scholarship

Australian National University’s ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Science conducts a master’s degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics. The Master of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Australian National University is rated as number one in Australia. Dean’s International Science Scholarship is a scheme that awards scholarships to outstanding international students coming to ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Science. The selection for the scholarship is merit based. The merit is formed not only by a student’s current results in the university but his previous academic records are also taken into consideration. The scholarship is awarded in the form of a grant of $5,000. Applications for this year’s scholarship are now open. Apply latest by November 13, 2017. For more information, visit:

CoEPP Particle Physics Masters Scholarship

Monash University conducts a scholarship scheme for Masters of Science in Physics and Astronomy. The degree specializes in areas of particle physics, astronomy and astrophysics, quantum gas, and computational physics. This scholarship is open to everyone, whether domestic or international, and scholarship is awarded to only one student every year on the basis of merit formed by the students’ academic results. The scholarship award is $5,000 per annum for two years for a master’s program. The student awarded with this scholarship must maintain an average weightage of 60% each semester to further continue the scholarship. Application dates will be posted by the university on its official website

International Postgraduate Coursework Awards

The Masters of Science in Physics at the University of Melbourne is a recognized degree. The degree has a scholarship system for international students called the International Postgraduate Coursework Award. These awards are short in number and are awarded to high achieving students. The awards include 50% and 100% tuition fees reduction depending on a student’s academic results. This scholarship is not necessarily to be applied for as the university itself considers the deserving students for an award by taking into account their educational performances. For information on the degree program, go to:

Tasmanian International Scholarships

Tasmanian International Scholarship is an award scheme by the University of Tasmania. It is open for every degree program; one of them being the Masters of Applied Science in Physics. The scholarship is for international students applying at the University of Tasmania and is a 25% reduction from the tuition fees. All international Tasmanian students are eligible to apply. For course details, visit

Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship

Swinburne University of Technology offers a well-acclaimed postgraduate program in Physics. The Master of Science in Physics is one of the areas of the university that qualify for the Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship.  This scholarship is awarded only to students with high academic achievements who are to commence a two year degree program at the university. Students first must be eligible to apply for the program; then they will be considered eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship is up to the value of $19,000.  Eligible students will be considered by the university at the time of admission and application. There is no need of a separate scholarship application. For further details, go to

Scholarship at Flinders University

Flinders University offers scholarship to international students for its postgraduate programs including the Masters of Science in Physics. Students who are chosen for the scholarship a tax-free living allowance for their two years of study. Scholarship holders are also permitted to recreation and sick leaves. The scholarship applications close in October every year. For more information, visit