Psychology Scholarships in USA Updated List 2019

The psychological studies are taking over the world all over because of its huge scope and the global importance given to the issue of mental health. Many students are interested in studying psychology abroad and adapting psychology as their career. United States of America is famous for its brilliant universities which are providing quality education to the local and international students. Everyone knows how expensive the degree plans are in such big universities. Sometimes, studying in USA becomes a dream because of such high cost degree plans which are unaffordable. To solve this problem, different universities, foundations and organizations in USA introduced a large number of scholarships and awards in order to help intelligent students continue their education in the field of psychology. The scholarships are offered for undergraduate, graduate, masters, PhD students and for those doctoral graduates who want to present their reports and posters for research purpose and want to work in the field of Psychology. So keeping in view all these necessities, different scholarship offers are sponsored by many colleges, universities and organizations which are given below.

Filipino-American Psychology Scholarship

This scholarship is exclusively sponsored by Asian-American Psychological Association, Division of Filipino Americans of APA. The aim of this scholarship is to add more Filipino-American researches, academics and professors in the field of psychology. The total amount of $500 will be provided as scholarship and the last date to apply is Feb 1, 2019. For more details you may follow this link.

The San Jose State University Scholarship

The Department of Psychology and San Jose State University are offering scholarships for graduate and undergraduate psychology students. The amount given in the scholarship depends on the degree program the student choose and the last date to apply is March 24, 2019. In order to get more information related to this scholarship offer, follow the following link.

The Jennifer L. Stewart Memorial Psychology Scholarship

The Missouri State University provides many offers to give you financial aids in order to study psychology.  The Jennifer L. Stewart Memorial Psychology Scholarship is a part of one of those opportunities provided by the Department of Psychology which provide scholarships of worth $2,000 each year. One have to be a psychology graduate to apply for this scholarship plan because this offer is only available for the Master’s degree in psychology. The last date to apply for this scholarship is March 1st for each year. You may have a look at further details here.

Franklin D. Boyce Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the Johan Randolph Foundation which promotes the health occupation and psychology is one of them. The candidates need to have at least 3.0 GPA and should be a health related field graduate. The scholarship worth $2,500 and the deadline for applying is February 15, 2019. The further information is in this following link.

Fontana Transport Inc. Scholars Program

The undergraduate degree programs are offered for the candidates over this brilliant scholarship offer. Candidates will be able to study at any 4 year university of their own choice by fall 2019. The last date to apply for this $5,000 worth scholarship is March 15, 2019. Read more here.

The UA Department of Psychology Scholarships

The University of Akron is providing scholarships to help students afford the expensive psychology degree plans offered. The Department of Psychology created such opportunities for upcoming students. The students need to be intelligent and brilliant in order to get this scholarship. For more information click here.

The Counsellor Education and Counselling Psychology Program

The Western Michigan University provides many financial opportunities to its students studying under the counsellor education and counselling psychology program. These scholarships help gain experience in research teaching or the clinical experience. The scholarship amount varies and February 13th is the last date to apply every year. Read more in this link.

The Under Graduate Scholarship program

The Central Intelligence Agency CIA provides best scholarships to the under graduate students. They are able to attend a full time college or university with the help of this scholarship and need to work in semester breaks at the CIA. Each calendar year, $18,000 are provided as a scholarship to the students and they have to apply before August 14 each year. For more information and details, click this link.

Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Child Psychology Graduate Student Fellowship

This scholarship is sponsored by American Psychological Foundation in which the selected candidates will receive a reward of $25,000 in order to do graduate level study in child psychology. Only doctoral candidate is eligible to apply till November 15th. The more information is given in link

Esther Kartz Rosen Fund Grants

This scholarship is also offered by the American Psychological Association and the aim is to bring advancement in studying the psychologically disabled children and people. The candidates can get god aid and funds in order to get admission in a graduate or post graduate program. The scholarship worth from $1,000 to $50,000 which is quite immense. The last date to apply is March 15th, 2019 and click here to get more details about this scholarship plan.

The Credentialing Scholarships for Doctoral Students and Postdoc Trainees

This scholarship is proudly sponsored by The National Register of Health Services Psychologists twice in a year. The scholarship award is more than $2,400, offered to the doctoral students and postdoctoral trainees and the last date to apply for this scholarship is April 17. For more information, follow this link here.

The Psychology Research Opportunities Program

The UCLA College for Psychology students is offering a lot of scholarships. The scholarships worth more than $2,000 for the spring quarters and winters. The eligibility lies within the minimum 2.7 GPA or higher than this overall at UCLA College and 3.0 GPA or greater in the major ones. The recipient has to attend the seminar weekly which will be related to the research in psychology, career options or graduate study. For more details, follow here to see official website.

The APA Student Travel Award

The American Psychology Association is offering this scholarship up to $300 who want to travel to Toronto to present their psychology research. The APA gives offer to the students to present their research papers and posters in APA convention. The candidates whose posters and research papers are selected by American Psychology Association can apply for this scholarship till April 7. Visit the official website of American Psychology Association to get more information.

American Addiction Center’s Behavioural Health and Addiction Scholarship

The AAC Behavioural Health Academic Scholarship Program offers the three scholarships in a year to the brilliant students who study really well and earn good grades. This scholarship is for the students who are studying the psychology or other degree plans related to science. The candidates have to be the high school graduate or part time or full time college graduate. A complete application and an essay addressing a specific prompt is necessary in order to apply for this scholarship. As three scholarships are going to be rewarded, the first one will be of $5,000 and other two would worth $2,500. Last date to apply is May 31, 2019 and this is the link to more information.

American Psychological Foundation Scott and Paul Pearsall Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by American Psychology Foundation APF which basically supports the graduates to spread awareness of the psychological pain. The newly graduates can apply for this scholarship which is offering a grant of $10,000 and the last date to apply for this scholarship is October 1, 2019. You can follow this link to get more information.

F.J. McGuigan Dissertation Award

Sponsored by American Psychology Foundation APF, this award supports the dissertation research that explains any part of mental function. The report should be linked with the goal which McGuigan has fixed. The last date to apply for this scholarship is June 1, 2019. Here is the link to its official website.

ARC of Washington Trust Fund Research Grant

This company has been proudly providing research funds since 1950 and still continued to do so. The good news for the junior researchers is, this company gives more priority in rewarding the junior researchers with this scholarship. The junior researchers can apply each year before August 15, for this scholarship worth $10,000. For more information, you can visit the official website of ARC of Washington Trust Fund Research Grant.

So these were just a few scholarships for those who want to study psychology or research in the relevant field in USA. Thousands of more scholarships are offered by many foundations and universities, only you have to do is select a suitable degree program and choose the scholarship offer relevant to that program. You can easily study and adapt psychology as your profession by studying under these scholarship programmes at your favourite university in United States of America.

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