Psychology Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies in UK

With tuition fees, living expenses and other sorts of expenditures, postgraduate education can get really expensive at times. If you are studying psychology, you can certainly use some sort of scholarship to help you with the necessary financial support. Psychology scholarships aid students, be it postgraduate or undergraduate students, based on their merit.

Why study psychology in UK?

If you are looking to study Psychology abroad, the United Kingdom is the best place for postgraduate education. With rigorous academic audit procedures and quality assurance, students can be assured that the education they receive in the UK will be of highest standards. Here are a few reasons to pursue postgraduate psychology in the UK;


Generally, there are different kinds of scholarships available, and each of these types have their own criteria.

  • The higher education quality is assured by stringent assessment mechanisms and government supported agencies.
  • Excellent research base: the UK produces nearly 9% of the world’s paper. It also gets nearly 10% of the world’s citation. It is only second to the USA, when it comes to research quality, which can prove to be valuable for students.
  • Psychology students in UK have access to the latest knowledge, and are guided by some of the leading professors in psychology.
  • Career prospects are great as there exists a strong link between the employers and academic community.

Student Group Studying Psychology ScholarshipsThere are several fellowships and scholarships in UK, even for the international students. So, even if the students don’t have sponsorship or private means to pursue postgraduate psychology in UK, they still have the chance to advance their knowledge through scholarships. UK postgraduate qualification serves as an ideal building block for a successful career.

Types of Psychology Scholarships

Postgraduate scholarships don’t simply come on a silver plate. Although scholarships are readily available in UK, you have to weigh a lot of options before coming up with the one you may qualify for. Generally, there are different kinds of scholarships available, and each of these types have their own criteria.

Merit based scholarships are probably the most well-known kind of scholarships. These scholarships are usually provided by government organizations or educational institutes. Such scholarships are normally awarded to the exceptional performers in the field. So, if you have performed well in the graduate level studies of psychology, you might as well qualify for Psychology scholarships. Some scholarships are mainly for the needy students with good academic records. Other kinds of scholarships are mainly given to a certain type of students, scholarships for international students being an example of such scholarships.

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