Reasons Why Your Australia Student Visa Can Be Refused

Now a days Australia is favorite destination for international students. Though education in Australia is quite expensive as compared to other major countries like USA, UK, Canada but still there are many reasons why international students choose Australia for their higher studies. In November 2011, Australia introduced streamlined visa processing for university students. At the same time, Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) rule was introduced. All students applications are assessed under GTE rules whether prospective students are genuinely coming for purpose to get higher education or they are using study visa as their tool to enter Australia. After implementation of this rule, the number of refusal has increased. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) contains a set of rules under which each student visa application is assessed.

How Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Works

australia-visa-denied-324x235According to Australian Immigration and Citizenship ( GTE will not affect your student application if your wish to study in Australia is genuine. However applicant may thing how visa officer will assess that student’s wish to study is genuine or not. Here is the list what Australian visa officer will consider to judge your student visa application;

  • Your previous study record
  • Relevance of your intended course to your previous studies
  • Your knowledge about the course and your institute
  • Your previous immigration history
  • Gap between your previous studies and intended study course
  • Reasons why you are choosing the specific course to pursue
  • Reasons why you have chosen the specific education institute
  • Reason why you are choosing Australia for higher education
  • Your financial capacity to meet educational and living expenses in Australia
  • Economic, social and political circumstances of your country of residence

This is not complete list of the refusal factors but most of the applicants are refused for one or combination of two or more reasons. Most of the students refused under GTE rules do not get review or appeal right. However they can apply again. If your are refused under GTE and thinking to reapply then you must prepare your application carefully and provide as much supporting evidences as your can to make visa officer satisfy that you are a genuine student applicant.