Scholarships in Germany for Pakistani students

Foreign students who are interested in the international education and looking for scholarship; Germany has become a familiar destination due to immaculate international reputation. A number of Pakistani students are interested in scholarships in Germany as internationally renowned programmers offering by Germany universities are comparatively at moderate cost than the USA, UK, and Australia. It is very surprising that Germany allows foreign students to study for free by providing large numbers of accessible scholarships. Public universities in Germany provide free education and only charge a small amount from international students and they don’t charge any tuition fee. Now particularly at postgraduate level; Germany also offers many simple programs like English taught programs. These are the reasons that many Pakistani students have the wild dream of study in Germany. Many scholarships are available for Pakistani students among which some are funded by the government while some are non-government based. We will discuss them in detail one by one.

Here are few Government funded Germany scholarships for Pakistani students.

Erasmus+ Scholarship

Scholarships in Germany for Pakistani studentsFor study in Europe, Erasmus+ is the largest provider of the scholarships as they give appropriate funds to the international students. It is mainly led by the European Commission and the main motto is to help the people to improve their standard of living. They bear living costs of students, in addition, to provide with other essential necessaries for the exchange students. From this link you can get further information. Official Link

DAAD scholarships in Germany

DAAD which is chiefly German academic exchange services gives many momentous scholarships to exchange students at several levels of their degrees. They are considered as best scholarships for the international students as they provide many facilities to the international students for postgraduate courses. They provide the opportunity of studying at the German university with the aim of being academically strong and young professional for developing or emerging countries with specialized studies. Here the link is given from where you can get further information. Official Link

Some scholarships for international Pakistani students which are non government to study in Germany.

For international students Herzog- Ernst – Scholarship in Germany

Herzog-Ernst-scholarship-program for doctoral and postdoctoral is offered by Gotha research center in the Germany. This scholarship is mainly for the international students. They provide this scholarship almost every year and admissions are probably open in the month of October. They offer a 4-year Ph.D. program with 100% employment in the Germany and as well as in Pakistan.

For international students Heinrich Boll – Scholarship in Germany

For masters or Ph.D. level Heinrich Boll scholarship is offered in Germany for the international students. This scholarship is mainly to encourage the students of emerging and developing countries. Complete guidance is available in this link. Official Link

Kurt Hansen science scholarships for the international Students in Germany

Scholarships in Germany for international students

Bayer foundation is mainly responsible for the funding of this scholarship and the main motto is to encourage the students of developing countries. This is mainly the science scholarship to study in Germany and for the students to become educators and scientist. Further information is given in this link. Official Link

Mawista scholarships for international students

These scholarships are mainly for those who want to study in abroad; in addition, they provide the facilities for taking care of the child which is the main thing in these scholarships. You can get more information at this link.

KAS scholarship

It is abbreviated as Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. These are the master’s and Ph.D. scholarships for those students who are under 30 and have completed their graduation from the well-known university of their country. They need the evidence of your average academic performance. It basically merits base scholarships. It organized for the students who later provide benefits to their hometown and work for the welfare of society. So, students who are interested in political issues are applied for this scholarship. Complete guidance is available for you people in this link. Official Link

Helmholtz scholarship for Study in Germany

It is the annual scholarship for the students of all around the world for doctoral and postdoctoral programs. In this scholarship opportunity is given to the students for the research in Germany at Helmholtz center. This link is complete source of information in this regard. Official Link

Scholarships for Pakistani students which are specifically offered by Germany universities.

BIGSSS Scholarships

They are abbreviated as Bremen International Graduate School of social sciences. They provide opportunities to study at the University of Bremen mainly for postdoctoral, Ph.D., and pre-doctoral students. Further information is available in this link. Official Link

Scholarship offered by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

The doctoral students who want to study an English-language program at Frankfurt; 10 tuition waiver scholarships are given to those students. They provide an opportunity for students to study mainly mathematics, finance, accounting, administration, and business. You can get more information in this link. Official Link

For international researches FRIAS Cofund scholarship

This scholarship is mainly offered for research level program. So, this German scholarship provides the opportunity to the international student to do research at the University of Freiburg. Further information in this regard is available in this link. Official Link

For effective leadership, HHL scholarship is given to MSC international students

This scholarship provides an opportunity to the student for attaining the degree of management at HHL Leipzig School of management at master’s level. You can get more information in this link. Official Link

International research fellowship at Humboldt University

This scholarship is mainly providing facilities to international students in doing their researchers with the maximum potential. At Humboldt University they continue their research in law, anthropology, sociology, economics, science, and geography. This link is complete source of information in this regard. Official Link

Scholarship for international students by Ulm University

For international students, these are basically need based scholarships. They provide opportunity of graduation at Ulm University. But they provide funds only for one semester. You can see further information in this link. Official Link