Scholarships In Europe for Pakistani Students

Pakistani students are constantly looking for scholarships in Europe for higher education. If you are a Pakistani student looking for funding for education as well, then you are certainly at the right place. The number of European scholarships is uncountable. Almost every country in Europe has a high-standard university providing quality scholarships for students applying from Pakistan. With a simple and easy procedure, applying for European scholarships becomes really easy for almost everyone. Countries all over Europe including France, UK, Holland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Austria, etc. has a number of universities which provide full financial and accommodation funding to the Pakistani students seeking to join European universities for scholarships in Europe. Here is a list of universities which provide educational scholarships for Pakistani students who wish to study abroad and pursue their career in the desired field.

Brunel University London scholarship – International Excellence Scholarship London 2019 – European scholarships for Pakistani students

One of the most recognized and well-known educational institutes Brunel University London is providing an array of educational scholarships in Europe for Pakistani students. The details of the scholarship are provided below.

Scholarship Value

  • Post-graduate: For the post-graduate students the Brunel University London provides £6000 contract which is applied to the first year of study.
  • Undergraduate: For the undergraduate students £6000 contract is applied to the initial three years of study.

It is necessary for the applicants to apply for full-time undergraduate or post-graduate programs which begin in September 2019 or January 2020.

  • September entry: There are a total number of 110 awards in early September for those Pakistani students who fulfill the eligibility criteria.
  • January entry: 20 awards are allocated in the January entry to students who fulfill this criterion.


The Brunel University’s European scholarship is allocated in two phases which is why there are two deadlines;

  • Phase 1: Apply by 30th April 2019 (early entry)
  • Phase 2: Apply by 31st July 2019 (later reward)
  • Phase 1: Apply by 9th December 2019 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The applicants should be classified as Overseas for fee purposes.
  • Must have to study full-time postgraduate or undergraduate taught program.
  • The European scholarship application should be completed before the stated deadline.
  • All applicants must meet all conditions in order to apply to the university.


Durham University of Business Studies scholarships – The Dean’s scholarship – scholarships for students from Pakistan

The Durham University of Business Studies is an internationally acknowledged prestigious university. It provides numerous European scholarships for deserving students, one of the most famous known as The Dean’s Scholarship. The scholarship is offered to the students who have significant achievement in both academics and extra-curricular activities. The admission based on the Dean’s scholarship offers 50% off on the tuition fee. Below is the eligibility criteria of the Dean’s scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility requires all international students.

Eligible subject area:

  • The Dean’s scholarships in Europe are available only for M.Sc. / MBA Programs.
  • Scholarships last date: May 31st, 2019
  • Durham University is keen on providing financial aid to all those who are deserving.
  • The Durham University of Business Studies is pleased to announce an all-inclusive package deal of great scholarships to all those who are interested in their Post Graduate Taught Programmes.

Applicants will be judged upon:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Voluntary trip and work applicable towards the programme that they have acquired.
  • Any unique or additional qualities, skills, co-curricular activities or experience that can add to or relate to the particular programme.


President’s PhD Scholarships for Pakistani Students – Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine scholarships – European scholarships for Pakistani students

European scholarships for Pakistani students who wish to study further after the Master’s degree are eligible to apply for the President’s PhD scholarship which is provided to the oversees individuals. President’s PhD scholarship is one those scholarships in Europe which provides full funding to the researchers and the students. The scholarship aims to provide 50 research students with great capability to work within their chosen research field. Obtaining the scholarship is highly competitive which make it higher than the usual eligibility criteria and requirements.

Date to apply: The initial start date for sponsored places is 1 August 2019, the belated beginning date is 1 November 2019.


  • The candidates who are successfully selected are given the financial support for 3.5 years.
  • Full funding for the tuition fees.
  • A compensation of £21,200 per year to support with living expenditures.
  • A consumables fund of £2,000 per year for the initial 3 years of study.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Applications are accepted from capable students from students all over the world.
  • Candidates with degrees from overseas institutions should determine their scores which are equivalent to the relevant eligibility criteria.

How to apply?

  1. When urged for an individual account you must assure that it contains almost 1000 words and summarizes your academic and research attainments to date, describing in concise your calculated research project. The selection team will not take into account the statements which will exceed the 2-page limit.
  2. To be taken into consideration for the President’s PhD Scholarship scheme, candidates must choose this opportunity in the subsidy section of the added inquiries tab in the online application form.
  3. You must also meet any bonus application necessities specified by your department or the branch of your choice.


Chevening Scholarship – University of Lincoln in England scholarship for Pakistani students – European Scholarship for Pakistani Students 2019-2020

The University of Lincoln in England is a public lookup University. It provides a broad variety of guides bridging Arts, Science, Social Science, and business. It offers two kinds of scholarships in Europe namely; the Chevening scholarships and Chevening fellowships. You should have an undergraduate degree to apply for the scholarship. Should have 2 years of work experience.


Eligibility requires all international students.

Eligible subject area:

  • The scholarships are available achieving undergraduate or postgraduate coursework students.
  • The University of Lincoln, every year is glad to grant a number of scholarships to the high achievers throughout the world, like:
  • Postgraduate (Taught)
  • Postgraduate (Research)


Ghent University Top-up Grants – Ghent University scholarships for Pakistani students – Scholarships for Pakistani students

Ghent University provides the best scholarship in Europe for students from Pakistan on the OESO-DAC list. The scholarships are provided to the students who wish to obtain a master’s degree.

How to apply?

You yourself cannot apply for the top-up grant. The programme you would wish to study at usually decides which top up student applicant will be in their top three list.

Date of application: It is necessary to apply before 1st. March.2019 or else the application is not accepted.

About the top-up grant: A total of 15 scholarships are awarded.

The scholarship fee comprises of;

  • Allowance of €654 per month.
  • All-in insurance (this includes health, civil liability and repatriation insurance)


  • You should have a bachelor’s degree in order to apply for the Master’s degree.
  • In order to apply for the Master-after-Master programme you should have a Master’s degree.

Nationality for applying: In order to apply for the European scholarship you should have to come from the long list of OESO-DAC country list.

Selection procedure: The coordinator of each English-taught master programme proposes their top 3 applicants to the Committee for Development Cooperation (CDC).  Decision will be taken May 2019 by the CDC.


International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship 2019 – University Of Sheffield scholarship for Pakistani and Asian students

Sheffield presents a large quantity of specific European scholarships for students from Pakistan. For Pakistani students there are 2 scholarships available right away- both of them are actually half i.e. 50% of the actual annual undergraduate training fee. You can apply before 26. April. 2019, 16:00 hours (UK time).

The results of the scholarship will be announced on 31st. May. 2019 at 16:00 hours (UK time). It is assured for the first year and is on hand for the nearby coming years, but now not for the time spent in the enterprise. For students to qualify for this scholarship have to gain 60% or greater in the preceding educational year. The scholarship that is provided in the shape of lessened or discounted tuition expenses only will be awarded to them only on the groundwork of academic advantage.


Brunel University London Scholarship for Pakistani Students – European Scholarships for Pakistani students – MBA scholarship Brunel University London

Brunel University London is providing 30 European scholarships for the students of Pakistan. These 30 scholarships in Europe are provided for full-time MBA and 20 are provided for the part-time MBA for the upcoming program 2019-2020.

The Full-time MBA Scholarship is a £6,500 tuition fee contract for one year only. On the other hand, the part-time scholarship waiver depends on the job and your employment sector. Individuals from the corporate or private sector are given £9,000 for a maximum of two years, which are equally divided on the two academic years which makes it £4.500 per annum. While applicants from the public sector are given tuition waiver of £11,000 equally divided on both academic years.

Deadline: It is necessary for the students to fill the application form before the deadline. Otherwise, the form will not be accepted. Wednesday 04 September 2019 for applicants applying for September 2019 and Friday 13 December 2019 for applicants applying for January 2020 entry. It should also be noted that the scholarship will open on 15th February 2019.


1st Formations Business Scholarship – The University of Kent scholarships – scholarships for Pakistani students 2019-2020

With the help of The Bestway Foundation University of Kent is presenting European scholarships not only for Pakistani students but internationally as well to chase their postgraduate diploma in a number of fields.

This Scholarship in Europe awards up to 10 successful applicants with a bursary of 600 each in order to adjust the additional costs required during the study. Your situations and demand for additional financial funding as defined in your account. You should show interest in running your own business in order to apply for the scholarship. The closing dates for the 1st Formations Business Scholarship is 31st. May. 2019.

The successful candidates will be contacted on 28th. June. 2019. The scholarships will cover training expenses and grant a keep up the award for the year 2019-2020.


College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences Academic Excellence Scholarship – Brunel University London Scholarship for Pakistani students – scholarships in Europe 2019-2020

The college of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences Academic Excellence Scholarship is typically a cash award available to full-time students at the Brunel University London. This European scholarship is provided to specified undergraduate programmes.

Value: £2000 cash is provided each year for three years or four years in case of a sandwich course. The scholarship is paid once, for the eligible level of study. Additional payment will not be made if the individual is repeating the course.

If the student or the applicant is agreeing to accept the scholarship he or she becomes the Student Ambassador of the College.

Eligibility: The student should be enrolled in the full-time undergraduate course within the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences.

The offers should be made through the UCAS Clearing and Adjustment. The Clearing applicants should inform the SLC (Student’s Loan Company) as early as they can. It is necessary that SLC notifies the Brunel University London by 1st. September. 2019. In case of failure to notify the applicant will not be considered for the award. Offer is for the level 4 (one year) of the course. It is necessary that the student has achieved any one of them.

  • A Levels with grades AAB or above
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma with 33 points or above
  • BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma or BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma with grades D*D*D or above
  • 3 Scottish Advanced Highers with grades AAB or above
  • Higher Irish Leaving Certificate from 5 subjects with grades H2, H2, H2, H3, H3 (or AAABB from the pre-2017 grading system) or above.

Scholarship Payment Dates:

For cash scholarship awards, the reimbursement or the payment will be made on the following dates:

  • 1st Payment – 13 December 2019
  • 2nd Payment – 6 March 2020
  • 3rd Payment – 12 June 2020


Aldgate and Allhallows Foundation Scholarship – Queen Mary University Of London scholarship for Pakistani students

A number of scholarships are also provided by the Queen Mary University of London for Pakistani students. Undergraduate students can apply for scholarships. The value of the scholarship is 1250 pounds per year for three years. You must be assessed by Student Finance England as having a household income of £42,875 or less in order to apply for the scholarship. You must be under 25 years to apply in the University for the Undergraduate Programme.

Over the past few years, a wide range of students has graduated from this particular university. There are approximately 214 Pakistani students studying in this institute, who are continuing to complete their degree Programmes that not only includes undergraduate but also provides a ground for postgraduate studies. The most fascinating thing about the Queen Mary University of London is that it has amounted recognition when it comes to providing scholarships and different opportunities to Pakistani students especially.

For further information, please contact [email protected].


Brussels School of International Studies Scholarship (PGT) – University of Kent Scholarship for Pakistani students 2019-2020 – European Scholarship for Pakistani students

The total fund provided by the university is € 130,000 every year. The scholarship is provided to the brightest students who will become the Ambassadors of BSIS in the future. The award or the European scholarship is provided in the form of partial fee contract of €8,000.

Eligibility Criteria: The applicants should be holding an offer to study at the Brussels School of International Studies, for either MA or LLM degrees.

The scholarship is open to UK, EU and oversees applicants on the condition that they are full-time students. The applicants should have the GPA of 3.5 as evaluated on the American Grading System.


For students starting in September 2019:
Applications Open: 01 February 2019
Applications Close: 10 April 2019
for students starting in January 2020:
Applications Open: 01 October 2019
Applications Close: 10 November 2019


Tony Shaw International Students House Scholarships – University of Westminster scholarships for Pakistani students – scholarship in Europe 2019-202

University of Westminster was established in 1838 which is one of the most recognized universities in UK. The university offers a wide range of European scholarships for post graduate programmes, one of the most famous one being the Tony Shaw International Students House scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • All international students and oversees Pakistanis are eligible to apply for the scholarship in Europe.
  • You must be an international student from a developing country in order to apply.
  • The scholarship in Europe offers full tuition fee award, flight to and from London, accommodation and living expenses as well.

Deadline: The deadline for application of the scholarship is 31st. May. 2019.

Eligible Subject Area: This scholarship in Europe is available for Master’s degree only.


Alumni Postgraduate Research Scholarship – Scholarship for Pakistani students 2019-2020 – European Scholarship for Pakistani students – University Of Kent Scholarships

This is one of the best scholarships in Europe provided to the Pakistani students who graduated from the University of Kent. This European scholarship covers the student’s tuition fee at the home rate and also the maintenance grant as the UK research councils. The total amount provided is £15,000 for the year 2019-2020.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates must hold, or be expected to hold a Bachelor’s degree (1 or 2.1), or Master’s degree (merit or distinction) from the University of Kent.
  • Explain their topic and details of research without any expert and also convey their passion for research to the jury selecting candidates for scholarships.
  • The candidates should be fully prepared to attend an interview in person at Canterbury on Friday 10 May 2019.
  • The candidates should have excellent oral and written skills.

How to apply: Applicants who may be eligible to apply will have a link in their portal to the relevant scholarship in Europe applications. 

Deadline: Deadline for this European scholarship is 14. April.2019.


University of Oxford scholarship – Clarendon Scholarship for Pakistani Student –European Scholarships for Asian and Oversees Pakistani students 2019-2020

Clarendon Scholarships are awarded on the groundwork of excellent educational merit and workable to graduate college students from all round the world. The scholarships in Europe are well-founded all told subject areas and are hospitable candidates who apply for a replacement master’s or Doctor of Philosophy course by the Gregorian calendar month admissions point.

Subject Criteria: There is no limitation on the subject of the individual. There is no specific preference of subject.


International Undergraduate Full-Fee Scholarship – Nottingham Trent University scholarship for Pakistani Students

The European scholarships of Nottingham are allotted within the initial year of study solely.


The deadlines for the European scholarship are:

  • Monday 25 February 2019 16:00 GMT
  • Monday 25 March 2019 16:00 GMT
  • Monday 20 May 2019 16:00 GMT

A student World Health Organization is assessed as not being qualified to receive a Nottingham Trent University Scholarship within the initial year won’t be eligible to receive a National Trent University Scholarship in any ensuing year of study, regardless of any ensuing modification in circumstances. If you are presented with a state scholarship in Europe, you cannot be thought of for a Nottingham Trent University scholarship.


Display Wizard Graphic Design Scholarship – University of Kent Scholarship 2019-2020 – European Scholarship for Pakistani Students

In order to enter The Display Wizard Graphic Design Scholarships the applicants are questioned to show the draft of two display stands for the University which emphasizes on the profession advantages of the course you select. In your designs, please try and create stands which showcase the job prospects, skills you’ve acquired and other career benefits of the studying your course at your University or College. It is one of the best scholarships in Europe.


  • This scholarship in Europe is open to all undergraduate or postgraduate students taking part in an Art, Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Creative Advertising or Marketing course at a UK-based University or College. 
  • Proof of student status needs to be provided with the application.

Deadline: 1st. May. 2019