Should I Include My Spouse In Visa Application Or Apply Separately

Many people get confused when applying for student visa whether they should apply altogether or lodge a separate application for spouse after getting visa for primary applicant. If you are married or in de-facto relationship and/or have children, at the time of Australia student visa application, you must apply altogether. There will he no effect on your visa decision if you add other family members in your student visa application. Though there are several other factors which will be considered at the time of application. If you meet the Bring My Spouse With Me On Australia Student Visastandard criteria and able to convince visa officer that you are a genuine temporary student, you and your family members will be granted visa. People not willing to include their spouses in initial visa application have fear in their minds that they may be refused on basis of more visa applicants. This is not true because because even if you apply alone and want to bring your spouse in Australia on a later date, you have to mention your marital status in initial visa application. If you are married at that time, visa officers are trained enough judge the intention and conclude if you are a genuine student visa applicant or not.

There is no restriction to apply later if you do not include your family members in your initial application. But in any situation, do not conceal any fact which may cause you problem later. You must state your true relationship status while making first student visa application.