Skincare for Indian men

Dear men, if you truly want to take care of your skin than it will not make you look less manly. The quantity of time and devotion that you spend by hitting at the gym faithfully, a similar quantity of time must be put is to taking care of your brown skin. Everybody in this world wants fair skin color or flawless skin. in this content, I will tell you about how you can care for your brown skin to make it flawless, healthy and even more glowing.

1. Keep your skin hydrated by cleansing gently and moisturizing

Brown skin can look ashy when it is not properly moisturized. So, you must start off your day with some gentle cleanser, to keep your skin moisturized. You can try the L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water that will help you to make your skin hydrated and soft. It is powered by the oil molecule that works like a magnet to support you lift all the dirt and oil from your skin. To use it all you just need to do is to saturate a cotton ball with the micellar water and spread it across your face gently.

Once you have done with it choose the moisturizer according to your skin type and apply it gently to moist skin, it will help you to lock the hydration. You can use any of the moisturizers according to your skin to make your skin completely moisturized and hydrated.

2. Do not Overdo It When is about exfoliating

Indian or brown skin can be more sensitive to the chemical exfoliants, so you need to pay attention to how your skin answers when you do the procedure of exfoliating. When it comes about to how many times in a week you should try the exfoliate, there is no set answer for it as it depends upon the nature of your skin. Some people might handle it multiple times in a week, while the others might only be able to do the process of exfoliating once in a week. When using the exfoliating skin scrub, massage it gently and move your fingers in the circular motions and start off by using the gentle exfoliator once in a week to see that how your skin responds to the exfoliation.

3. Care about the Dark Spots

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Have you noticed dark spots recently? Well, the brown skin tones might experience the obvious discoloration as compare to the fair skin. One thing that you can do is to try using the dark spot corrector for your skin. that will help your skin to look more glowing immediately and will help you to fade the look of all the prominent dark spots with the regular use over time. you need to apply it in the time of morning and at the time of night after the cleansing.

4. Apply the Broad-Spectrum SPF Daily

Because the brown skin tones might experience the visible discoloration, be sure that you apply the broad-spectrum SPF daily in the morning as the preceding step of your skincare daily routine. Lengthy periods of the sun exposure without the defense might lead you to the damage, which can display as the visible symbols of ageing like the dark spots down to the road. So, to protect yourself by applying the broad-spectrum of SPF 15 or go for the higher each day. Rendering to the Skin Cancer Foundation, you might get scorched even on the cloudy days, so it is very important to wear the SPF rain or the shine. If you are busy for the time, then you can choose the moisturizer that is formulated with the SPF, to cut down the steps of your daily skin care routine. keep remembering to reapply it after every two hours more frequently if you go for the swimming.

5. Clean & clear blackhead clearing daily scrub

Make the habit to exfoliate your skin if not daily then at least twice in a weak. One of the most reasonable and active products that men can use to scrub off all the dead skin cells from their brown skin to clean all the by applying daily scrub. With the natural apple extract, this scrub works by softening all your blackheads and stopping further blackheads. I would suggest for you to steam your face earlier you use this scrub.

6. L’Oréal men expert white active oil control

Make it a habit to regularly wash your face recurrently. It will not only make your skin healthy but the facewash will help you to keep your skin look more hydrated. The L’Oréal men expert white active oil control helps you to make your skin spotless and oil free. The charcoal molecules in it will help you to purifies your skin from all the impurities, and make your face fresh and free from the germs. Sebamed clear face foam face wash

One of the main products that many people reject it from their face cleansing routine is to taking care of that tiny dirt particle that appears on their skin. It is best for the people who suffer from the problems of acne and escapes as it works like the cleansing foam that supports you from removing all the extra dirt upon your face. It truly worked well for the men who used this product.

7. Himalaya herbals under eye cream

Dark circles are the most common issue. Well by using the Himalaya herbals that is the under-eye cream will help you to reduce the appearance of all the prominent dark circles from your skin. It further helps you to moisturizes the area of your under-eye and reduces the baby wrinkles from looking.


By applying all of the products and following all of the simple tips that are mentioned will help you to improve the color of your skin and also help you to keep your skin flawless and protected from all kind of impurities and germs in regular routine.