Why staying focused on your goals is so hard?

Our brain is the most complex structure in our body. It’s a storehouse of information. We do everything according to the instructions of our brain. But sometimes, brain is the cause of distraction from our aims. We fail to stay focused. People waste half of their time fantasizing about the things they can never achieve. Those are the people who get distanced with the reality. They find it difficult to find the jobs and fulfill their goals. Such people find ease in living in their dreams  because fantasy doesn’t cost anything. However, it definitely sets your future at stake. Prime disadvantage about fantasizing is that it doesn’t warn us about the complications we are going to face during our road to success. One needs to be aware of the hazards coming along each fantasy. In the start, everyone is motivated but that motivation fades away with distractions, frustration and work overload over the time period.

First step to determination is to start living a contented life. Love what you have and don’t complain about the things which you don’t. Dreaming about a good life is a good thing, you get a visual idea about what you want to achieve but you need to work hard for those things too. No body can be presented with the success in a plate. One has to do loads of work to be successful. Our brain has a habit of focusing on the difficult and problematic parts of the work. That’s where procrastination comes, we try to find shortcuts and avoid the hard work we had to put in. You need to overcome this fear and start working.

People find ease in living in their dreams  because fantasy doesn’t cost anything. However, it definitely sets your future at stake.

Once you begin, you get to realize it wasn’t that hard of a task as you were wondering it to be. Plus even if you experience failures on your way, look at the positive aspects of the story, all the hard work you did and all the achievements you made. This will cause you to stick to your goals.

It helps if you start writing about your progress!

Start writing your goals. Make a career diary. If you want to be stay focused on your goals, you need to be clear that you are tracking them in a right manner. At least you try to engage yourself in a healthy  activity are you distract yourself from fantasizing for sometime. Write about every single thing in detail, this will bring about motivation in you. Because at the back of your head, you always know that there’s this statement of goals written by you and you will always tend to read it whenever you start feeling distracted. A plan is necessary to help you achieve big milestones. We all have an idea how hard it is to achieve the goals and the plans we have constructed for ourselves. Have faith in yourself. Do keep a track on your goals and plans.

Lastly apply motivational strategies to help you achieve your aims. Remember that hard work is the only  key to success. At the end of the day, it would be only you who would be suffering. Just stick to your goals and deliver your 100%.

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