Streamlined Visa Processing For Higher Education In Australia

In November last year, Australia introduced Streamlined visa processing which was specially designed for international students going to study in any one of Australian university. Streamlined visa processing is only for university students not for students who are enrolled in colleges. Along with condition of university enrollment, this visa processing also requires you to enroll in undergraduate or postgraduate degree program. Students studying diploma or foundation courses are not eligible to apply as streamlined applicants even if they are enrolled in university.


What you need?

Streamlined visa processing AustraliaAs mentioned above, every student can not apply to be processed under Streamlined visa processing. You must meet specific conditions. Here are the checklist which you should follow before sending visa application for streamlined visa processing;

  • You are going to pursue undergraduate or post graduate DEGREE program, not diploma or foundation
  • You are enrolled at one of Australian university not a college or vocational training institute
  • You have got your electronic confirmation of enrollment (eCoE)

One point is important here that under normal circumstances, you can apply for visa if you have offer letter from Australian institute. Once your application is processed, your visa officer may ask you to deposit fee and send eCoE to embassy; but under streamlined visa processing you can lodge visa application until you have received your eCoE. In other words, you can not apply with your offer letter.

Why to apply under Streamlined Visa Processing?

It may not seem but Streamlined visa processing is very simplified application procedure. This is hassle free and much efficient visa processing which saves your time. Here are few points how streamlined visa processing is best for you;

  • You need less documentary evidences with your visa application
  • Your visa application is processed much quicker as compared to other visa sub classes
  • You do not need to send income proof with your financial documents
  • Any one can sponsor you financially if you are applying under streamlined visa processing
  • As you are applying directly in university and enrolled in degree program; your visa approval chances are much better than if you are applying under diploma course

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