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Education plays a significant role in almost every aspect of life. With the passage of time, its boundary is not just limited to engineering (Top Engineering universities in Australia), medical or banking. Now the entertainment industry has its root strengthened by educating the new generation to achieve the ultimate goal of providing real-time experience to their audience. The entertainment industry is now considered as one of the essential contributors to the economy of any country. Unlike the past times, it has given more status in society. With its growing importance, proper educational training is provided by the top institute to students to ensure their success in media industry which is one of the most competitive domains of career.

One such institute is working in Australia named AUSTRALIAN FILM, TELEVISION AND RADIO SCHOOL. AFTRS started working in 1973 as Film and television school, and in their first intake, some renowned names were enrolled including Philip Noyce and Gillian Armstrong. After its success in 1976, it became the member of CILECT. AFTRS is working successfully to produce the most excellent professionals in the field of television, radio, and films from screen artists to off-screen players. It offers various courses programs to students who can help them in pursuing their career in the entertainment industry with qualifying degree. AFTRS is known at international level as it produces many excellent professionals. The employment rate of the graduates from AFTRS in 98%. How to apply for Australia student visa

Courses at AFTRS

AFTRS provides professional degrees in various domains of the entertainment industry. Following are the courses offered by it.

  • BA Screen
  • Postgraduates
    • Master Of Arts Screen
      • Animation
      • Cinematography
      • Directing
      • Documentary
      • Editing
      • Music
      • Producing
      • Production Design
      • Screen Writing
      • Sound
  • MA Screen: Business and Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate Screen
    • Cinematography
    • Music
    • Creative Producing
    • Editing
    • Directing
    • Screenwriting
    • Documentary
  • Diplomas
    • 3D Animation & Visual Effects
    • Reality Television
    • Production Management
    • Production Sound
    • Radio Essentials
    • Feature Films
    • Series Television
    • Script editing and Development
    • Camera
    • Color Grading
    • Digital Content
    • Editing
    • Production Accounting
    • Screen Business Management
    • Screen Design
    • Content Creation & Distribution
  • Radio Courses
    • Graduate Diploma In Radio
    • Advanced Diploma in Radio Essentials

Now let’s have a close on the core structure of these courses.


LevelDurationLocationDelivery Mode         Fee
Per annumtotal
Undergraduate  AQF -703 yearsSydney On-CampusFull time$13,296$39,888


Postgraduate Courses

Master of Arts Screen

DisciplineLevelDuration        LocationDelivery   Mode            Fee
Per annumtotal
AnimationPostgraduate AQF-92 yearsSydney On-CampusFull Time$24,720$49,440
CinematographyPostgraduate AQF-92 yearsSydney On-CampusFull Time$24,720$49,440
DirectingPostgraduate AQF-92 yearsSydney On-CampusFull Time$24,720$49,440
DocumentaryPostgraduate AQF-92 yearsSydney On-CampusFull Time$24,720$49,440
EditingPostgraduate AQF-92 yearsSydney On-CampusFull Time$24,720$49,440
MusicPostgraduate AQF-92 yearsSydney On-CampusFull Time$24,720$49,440
ProducingPostgraduate AQF-92 yearsSydney On-CampusFull Time$24,720$49,440
Production DesignPostgraduate AQF-92 yearsSydney On-CampusFull Time$24,720$49,440
Screen WritingPostgraduate AQF-92 yearsSydney On-CampusFull Time$24,720$49,440
SoundPostgraduate AQF-92 yearsSydney On-CampusFull Time$24,720$49,440

MA Screen

LevelDurationLocationDelivery ModeFee
Postgraduate  AQF -964 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$28,840

Graduet Certificate Screen

CertificatesLevelDurationLocationDelivery ModeFee
CinematographyPostgraduate  AQF -832 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$12,360
MusicPostgraduate  AQF -832 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$12,360
Creative ProducingPostgraduate  AQF -832 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$12,360
EditingPostgraduate  AQF -832 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$12,360
DirectingPostgraduate  AQF -832 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$12,360
ScreenwritingPostgraduate  AQF -832 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$12,360
DocumentaryPostgraduate  AQF -832 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$12,360

Diplomas at AFTRS

DiplomasLevelDurationLocationDelivery ModeFee
3D Animation & Visual EffectsUndergraduate  AQF -632 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$7,800
Reality TelevisionUndergraduate  AQF -632 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$7,800
Production ManagementUndergraduate  AQF -532 WeeksNew South WalesPart-time$7,800
Production SoundUndergraduate  AQF -632 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$7,800
Radio EssentialsUndergraduate  AQF -632 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$7,800
Feature FilmsUndergraduate  AQF -632 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$7,800
Series TelevisionUndergraduate  AQF -632 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$7,800
Script editing and DevelopmentUndergraduate  AQF -632 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$7,800
CameraUndergraduate  AQF -516 WeeksNew South WalesPart-time$3,900
Color GradingUndergraduate  AQF -516 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$3,900
Digital ContentUndergraduate  AQF -516 WeeksOnlinePart-time$3,900
EditingUndergraduate  AQF -516 WeeksNew South WalesPart-time$3,900
Production AccountingUndergraduate  AQF -516 WeeksNew South WalesPart-time$3,900
Screen Business ManagementUndergraduate  AQF -516 WeeksSydney On -CampusPart-time$3,900
Screen DesignUndergraduate  AQF -516 WeeksSydney On -CampusPart-time$3,900
Content Creation & DistributionUndergraduate  AQF -516 WeeksSydney On -CampusPart-time$3,900

RADIO Courses at AFTRS

CoursesLevelDurationLocationDelivery ModeFee
Graduate Diploma In RadioPostgraduate  AQF -832 WeeksSydney On-CampusFull time$24,720
Advanced Diploma in Radio EssentialsUndergraduate  AQF -632 WeeksSydney On-CampusPart-time$7,800
Radio SkillsIntroductory06 weeksNew South WalesPart Time$950

AFTRS Campus Sydney

The Entertainment Quarter, Building, 130 Bent St, Moore Park NSW 2021, Australia+61 2 9805 6611

AFTRS is delivering most exceptional education in the advanced technology environment. For individuals who want to pursue the career in entertainment field whether On-Screen or Off-Screen AFTRS is the best option. So grab the chance and get the best knowledge from one of the top institutes in Australia.