Study MBBS in Russia

Many students are looking to study MBBS in Russia as the advancement in the Medical Research has revealed many outstanding data about life and everything that revolves around it. Health, life, medicine, diseases, cures, and other such matters that are a part of MBBS are enough to grow interest for anyone. That is the reason, Russia has allocated some of the best medical universities for international students who aspire to study MBBS in Russia and who want to grow their career successfully anywhere in the world. If you find yourself mystified as to why should you study MBBS in Russia, then you should continue reading this article.

Should You Do MBBS From Russia or Not?

People often ask why should they study MBBS in Russia. Well, there is not a single reason for that. If only you know that only the finest experts teach in Russian institutes of medical then you will appreciate the efforts of Russian Schools. One of the basic barriers that the students have to face at the time when they take MBBS is the factor of cost and fees that will is too high for them. In Russia, that’s not the case.  It has the lowest cost of MBBS and that is around $3000 – $4000 annually. This is half the cost of the fees that is demanded by other countries for MBBS. There is a large number of seats in Russia, so if you are considering to do your MBBS then Russian institutes will not break your heart. Since the ratio of doctors to the number of patients in Russia is still low, there are high chances that you set your whole career in Russia with high pay. 

With English language as the medium of communication in classrooms, and hardly any difficulty related to language is faced by the international students in the Russian institutes. Universities follow a global curriculum of medical in order to make sure every student in the university is on the same page.

Graduate doctors from Russia exhibit excellence and they also have the luxury to work anywhere and in any field of Medical according to the requirements of the organization. The degree has its value and is accepted universally. 

You can easily get admission in top of the Russian universities without taking any entry test and without wasting your time and money. All the formalities of the admission are simple and easy and can be completed in a short period. Universities worldwide have complex criteria for admission, but Russia has taken steps to make it easy for the students. There is no capitation fee and you don’t need to pay anything for the donations to study MBBS in Russia. All the costs are regulated by the Russian authorities and government. Living cost is far less than any other country in the whole world with minimum tuition fees.

Besides all that, the campus life is awesome and one will make a lot of memories. There are lots of events, contests, competitions, sports events, and cultural activities that are organized by the students and for the students so that they can enjoy their time and make honorable memories together.

With internationally recognized certificates and degrees, you can achieve high all over the world.  The courses are taught in English so that the students can grasp the comprehensive understanding of the topic. Russian is also taught in order to help the students overcome language barriers. From 4th semester-6th semester, the students start working as surgeons and start teaching students, as well. This helps them to gain the on-field experience that is crucial for the students who are pursuing MBBS. Moreover, these universities are government based and are also listed in the “Directory of World Medical Schools” of World Health Organisation (WHO), which means that graduate doctors of Russia have the eligibility to appear in the national medical tests of eligibility such as MCC, SCHS,HPCSA, PMDC,USMLE,MCI, and PLAB etc. 

Advantages of doing MBBS from Russia

There are many advantages that you should consider if you want to study MBBS in Russia. These are:

  • You don’t need to have IELTS or TOEFL as a must requirement. Sometimes it becomes hard for the students to afford the extra fees of IELTS or TOEFL and it can become so hard to apply in other countries if you don’t have one of these language proficiency tests taken. Russian universities measure intelligence on the basis of the grades and personal genius and do not enroll students on language tests results.
  • There is no entrance fee or test so that the unnecessary burden of fees is lifted off your shoulders.
  • There is no donation fee.
  • There is no capitalization fee.
  • All the universities are sponsored by the Government of Russia.
  • English language is the medium of communication in classes.
  • High-quality education with minimum fees as compared to other countries.
  • All the necessary accommodations are easily available.
  • All the universities give this basic facility to their students to live in a hostel, but if the student or a scholar does not want to live in a hostel can choose to live according to his or her own choice.

Disadvantages of doing MBBS from Russia

There are some factors or say matters that you should consider before you study MBBS in Russia. These are:

  • Local language in Russia is Russian, therefore; you will find a language barrier but you can overcome it by learning Russian.
  • The visa method or process takes a lot of time and is a little slow and can take around one month or two to complete.
  • If you are from a country where the weather is always sunny, then you will find it hard to adapt to the cold weather in Russia as it is mostly winters in Russia.
  • Life in Russia is a little different. There are many night clubs, and discos that can easily distract the students who aim to study MBBS in Russia and achieve good grades. As there are no guardians, students easily get distracted. 
  • Russian universities don’t really put a real pressure on the students related to their curriculum, so students often don’t study responsibly. But it does not apply to every student, as not every student is the same.

Some of the best Russian institutes for MBBS are:

  • Dagestan State Medical University
  • Pirogov National Medical University 
  • Kazan State Medical University
  • Crimean Federal University
  • First Moscow State Medical University
  • Kazan Federal University
  • Tyumen State Medical University
  • Orenburg State Medical University

Procedures of Applying in Russia for MBBS:

If you desire or fancy to study MBBS in Russia then follow these steps.

Step1: The very first part of the procedure involves you doing thorough research about the university that you want to apply.

Step2:  Next comes up contacting the education consultancy of your country that has a good reputation and experience in the MBBS education in Russia.   

Step3: Once you have contacted the consultancy, you need to gather all your documents and you need to attest them through the relative authorities. The same consultancy will help you with the Visa procedure as it can be hard to get it sometimes. The list of documents that are needed are listed below:

  • Passport
  • Marksheet of class 10 
  • Certificate of class 1o
  • Marksheet of class 12
  • Certificate of class 12
  • Birth Certificate (in English Language)
  • 10 Photos (4.5 x 3.5 cm)
  • Invitation Letter from the University of Russia
  • HIV test report
  • Authorization of these papers and documents from the relative authorities of your country.
  • Legalization of papers and documents from Russian Embassy.
  • Fees of Visa
  • 1st year Tuition Fee Bank Receipt (some universities ask for it).

Step4: Submit the required forms to the education consultancy, and ask them to keep updating you about the status. Once they have submitted your documents to the university of your choice, then you just have to wait for the right response from the University and your consultant will assist you further in the procedure.

Step5: Once it is confirmed that your visa is issued, you need to arrange for your air tickets and other related services like pick and drop for yourself. Education consultancy is responsible for such matters, but you can do it on your own as well. But it is better that you take the services from a well-known  consultancy as this whole procedure is a bit dry and time consuming if done on one’s own. You don’t want to make any mistakes and don’t want to take any risk, right? That is where education consultancies come in rescue.

Russian Embassies:

The table below shows 15 countries where Russian Embassies are located. It is to be noticed that there are over 178 Russian Embassies that are spread all over the world. Only 15 are mentioned below.

Countries having Russian EmbassyStates and Websites
United StatesRussian Consulate in Seattle Website:  New YorkWebsite: New YorkWebsite: FranciscoWebsite: DCEmail: [email protected] 
South AfricaCape Town Website: Republic of South AfricaWebsite:
PakistanIslamabad Website:
IndiaNew Delhi Website:
IcelandReykjavik Website:
HungaryBudapest Website:
Costa RicaSan Jose Email: [email protected] 
CanadaMontreal Website:  Embassy of Russia in OttawaWebsite:  Consulate General of Russia in TorontoWebsite:
BangladeshDhaka Website: General Consulate of Russia in ChittagongWebsite:
AustraliaSydney Website:
ArgentinaBuenos-Aires Website:
AngolaLuanda Website:!OpenDocument
AlgeriaAlgiers Website:
AlbaniaTirana Website:
AfghanistanKabul Website:

Medical Universities of Russia are Recognized by:

  • The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Research and Education
  • World Health Organization
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
  • Ministry of Education Russia
  • World Federal for Medical Education

Eligibility Criteria to do MBBS in Russia.

  • You must have completed your 12 years of education with good grades in English, Biology, Chemistry, and  Physics.
  • Last two years, you must have science subjects i.e; Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • On or before the date of admission in MBBS, you must have completed the age of 17.
  • No admission is based on entrance test or english language test but based on a first come first serve basis.

MBBS Curriculum 

The entire medical curriculum in Russia is comprised of 360 credits in total. The duration of the MBBS course in Russia is 6 years. Advanced and classified syllabus of the MBBS include the following courses that are recognized globally:

First Year1st Semester2nd SemesterAnatomyAnatomy and Histology
Second Year1st Semester2nd SemesterAnatomy, Histology, Biochemistry, and PhysiologyBiochemistry, Physiology, and Microbiology
Third Year1st Semester2nd SemesterMicrobiology, Pathology, Pathophysiology, and PharmacologyPathology, Pathophysiology, andPharmacology
Fourth-Sixth YearClinical Subjects, Clinical PostingNeurology, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Psychology, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery,ENT, Gynecology, and Cardiology.

Course Pattern in Medical Universities of Russia:

Russia has become the most popular country for medical studies because of the teaching techniques and course pattern it follows.  Russian medical universities have made their mark in the world and 30 out of 100 universities of Russia are considered as the best of the medical universities in the world which leaves no doubt as to whether or not should you trust medical universities in Russia or not. All the universities in Russia offer the courses at around the same time in the year and that is in September. First semester of the academic year starts in Septembers and ends in January.  Second semester starts in February and ends in June. 

Final examinations of the first semester are held in January and that of the second semester is held in June. Winter vacations are an important part of the entire pattern of education as they give students time to freshen up and a little before they come back to start another semester. They start from the 20th of January and end on the 7th of February, while the period of summer vacations is from the 15th of July to 31st of August. 

Duration of MBBS:

  • General Medicine: If Russian Medium 7 years, and if English medium then 6 years.
  • Pharmacy and BDS: 6 years if Russian Medium, 5 years if English Medium.
  • Sports Medicine: 7 years if Russian Medium, 6 years if English Medium.

MBBS Fees in Russia:

University of RussiaHostel Fees in USD per YearTuition Fees in USD per Year
Northern Medical University700 USD 4000 USD 
Mari State University800 USD 3200 USD 
Kazan Federal University1000 USD 5500 USD 
People’s Friendship University of Russia1200 USD 7000 USD 
Altai State Medical University500 USD 3700 USD 
Kursk State Medical University1000 USD 5100 USD 
Dagestan State Medical University1000 USD 3000 USD 
Syktyvkar State Medical University1200 USD 4250 USD 
First Moscow State Medical University1800 USD 10,000 USD 
Crimean Federal University600 USD 4250 USD 
Bashkir State Medical University900 USD 3500 USD 
Kazan State Medical University600 USD 7000 USD 
Volgograd State Medical University1100 USD 6000 USD 
Kuban State Medical University700 USD 3500 USD 
Tambov State University1200 USD 4200 USD 
Far Eastern Federal University1000 USD 3000 USD 
Novosibirsk State Medical University900 USD 5000 USD 
Perm State Medical University1200 USD 4500 USD 
Voronezh State Medical University800 USD 2500 USD 

Monthly Expense for International Students in Russia (in USD):

  • Costs related to food will be around $10-15 per day
  • Metro smart card for one month $65
  • Car fuel will cost $0.5 per litre
  • Utility bills $150 per month
  • Accommodation $100-300 per month

Advice: All the rates mentioned above are subject to change according to the situation of Russia at any given period. However, it also depends on your living style and standards that how much it will cost you to live in Russia. Many students differ in their pay because of the styles they choose to live in Russia. The cost of living really depends on you. If the university is near your apartment and all the other necessary places are near you then you can walk a little and save yourself $65 for metro smart card. You can also save a little from your utilities if you work in a smart manner.

Safety and Security for International Students in Russia:

People often worry about safety and security when they send their children to different countries, but Russia is one of the countries that are safe and secured with beautiful and serene surroundings. The Russian government has full control over the cities and they are peaceful with civilized citizens who care about social harmony and security. All the students who live in hostels are secured and outsiders are not allowed to put a foot in the hostels. Friends and family members are allowed but they are only allowed after they show their identity cards.

Urban communities of Russia are not to be worried about as they are secure. It is always considered smart that you have complete information about the area where you want to reside. Make sure that you consider all those safety factors that you consider in your own country. Don’t go out alone after midnight and don’t crossroads that are not commonly used by the public. Since the guardians will not be there always, you will have to be careful even if the area is secure.

Make sure to move out with character certificates or papers so that the policeman in Russia will let you pass through their checking. It is important to always have original or at least a copy of your Visa to show policeman (in case they ask you about your visa). 

Remember that being responsible is the only way you can be safe and out of troubles in Russia. Be independent but be careful too. Move out in bright sunlight and come back to your house/hostel/ or apartment before dark. 

This might be the life-changing experience to study MBBS in Russia, do the complete research and talk to your parents if you really want to do study MBBS in Russia. Tell them everything from the cost of the course to safety and security and everything that might help your parents take the great decision of your life.

Background Information About Russia:

Russia- as it is known for its impressive infrastructure and the advancements in the technology, has been in the highlights for many years. Russia is also known as the Russian Federation and by land, it is the largest country of the planet. Moscow is the capital of Russia and is the largest city in the world. With the population that has reached to 146.6 million, Russia is continuously progressing and shares its border with Lithuania, Finland, and Poland.

Education in Russia:

As far as education and learning are concerned, Russia is in constant practice to keep its bar high. These are not just words as UNESCO has declared Russia to have 99.68% of the literacy rate with a male literacy rate of 99.73% and the female literacy rate of 99.65%. Now, these stats show how developed Russia is and what is the level of education there is in Russia. This literacy rate is more than good and more than the average literacy rate that is found in the whole world. Russia is near to reach a 100% literacy rate. This factor depicts a picture of Russia that is in constant development. Especially in the field of MBBS, Russia has made its name. If you have ever wondered which country is the best to achieve your dreams of completing MBBS, then Russia is the answer because of the faculty, universities and countless opportunities.