PhD Scholarships & Fellowship


Canada Graduate Scholarships

To overcome this hurdle in the dreams of talented and needy students Canada offers a wide range of graduate scholarships…

Australia Scholarships

20 Scholarships In Australia For July 2019 Intake

Admissions for July intake are open in Australian universities. Huge scholarship opportunities are available for domestic and international students. Look…

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Athletic scholarships in USA

Colleges and Universities in USA pay a lot of attention to their sports department. More than thousands of colleges and…

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Denmark scholarships for international students

For the benefits of students, foreign institutions have signed an agreement with Danish institutions for the mutual benefits of every…

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Eligibility Criteria For Denmark Scholarships

Scholarships are not meant to be created by compulsions but it is a key to unlocking a pure interest in…

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Architecture scholarships for International Students in USA

The American government with sincere gratitude for the generosity of our art students provides nearly $1,000,000 each year to nourish…

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Environmental Science Scholarships for Studying in USA

Environmental science is a vast field because ecosystem itself is very extensive; so, studies dedicated to each part and phenomenon…


Scholarships in Germany for Pakistani students

Foreign students who are interested in the international education and looking for scholarship; Germany has become a familiar destination due…


Engineering Scholarships in Finland

Engineering is one of the major degrees in the field of education. Finnish universities provide many engineering scholarships to students from…

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Master Degree Scholarships in Helsinki Finland

While looking for universities abroad, why not consider the beautiful city of Helsinki? Finland provides the advantage of free college…

Australia Scholarships

20 Accounting Scholarships in Australia

Accounting Scholarships are the best way to enhance a student’s confidence and to award them with what they truly deserve…

Australia Scholarships

PhD Scholarships at Australian National University for Australian & International Students

Do you have good academic standing? You may be eligible for scholarship at Australian National University. Australian National University (ANU)…

Australia Scholarships

PhD Scholarships at Griffith University Australia

Scholarships at Griffith University Australia has diversified allocation for both Australian and international students either studying or conducting research at Griffith…

Australia Scholarships

Masters Degree International Research Scholarship at Griffith University Australia

This masters degree international research scholarship program is available during the first and the last stage of a higher masters…

Australia Scholarships

Completion Aid Postgraduate & PhD Scholarship at Griffith University Australia

This scholarship program is for those PhD research candidates who are at their writing up stage. The university of Griffith…

Australia Scholarships

PhD Scholarship at University of Tasmania for International Research Students

The University of Tasmania is public research university located in Tasmania a city of Australia. Officially university was founded in…

Australia Scholarships

PhD Scholarship at University of Newcastle Australia

Australia is always being the country which introduces new ways of operating and thinking in its universities due to which…

Australia Scholarships

June Opie Disability Scholarship & Fellowship in Australia And New Zealand

Disabled students are the students that God has gifted with special qualities. They play a vital role in flourishing the…

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