If you want to pursue a medical degree, then applying for scholarships in Austria would definitely be a great idea. A lot of scholarship opportunities are being offered in Austria to students who wish to have a career in the medical field. If you are looking for medical scholarships in Austria then you have come to the right place as we have listed below the top scholarships in Austria for medical. Read: free education in Austria

Franz Werfel Fellowship

The Franz Werfel Fellowship is being offered to postgraduates, post-docs and PhD holders for a period of four to nine months. Every year seven new awards are introduced for students who want to get a medical degree from a university in Austria. The selected candidates are given a monthly grant of 1,150 EUR along with a monthly mobility allowance of 600 EUR in case their scholarship duration is longer than three months.

Richard Plaschka Fellowship Pre-Doc & Post-Doc

You can also check out the Richard Plaschka Fellowship if you want to study in Austria and get a medical degree. This fellowship is offered to both postgraduates and PhD students for a duration of four to twelve months. It is a research-based grant.

Ernst-Mach Grants

The Erust-Mach Grants are being offered in Austria to students for several fields including natural sciences, technical sciences, human medicine, health sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts, therefore if you are looking for a medical scholarship is Austria then you should definitely go for this one since it offers great benefits to the selected candidates. This medical scholarship in Austria is available for postgraduates, PhD students, PhD holders and post docs for a period of nine months.

Ernst Mach Follow-up Grant for non-European developing countries

If you belong from a non-European developing country and want to pursue a degree in the field of medicine from an Austrian university then you should definitely apply for the Erust Mach Follow-up grant. This grant is available in a variety of fields including natural sciences, technical sciences, health sciences, humanities, arts, human medicine, etc. The duration for this medical scholarship in Austria is three months, and it will be provided to PhD holders and post docs only.

Medical University of Vienna Support scholarship

The Medical University of Vienna is providing a Support Scholarship to students who are studying in the field of medical science. The scholarship will be offered from 700 to 3600 Euros to the selected candidates for one academic year. To apply for this medical scholarship, the candidate needs to have an outstanding performance at the university. Only Austrian citizens can apply for this scholarship.