Top ten biology degrees in USA

Biology is one of the most enthralling and sought-after fields in the us. As much as it is interesting, it also has a lot of importance to our environment. Learning the significance of this science can be an answer to some global problems. People consider those who obtain a degree in any field of biology very intellectual and avid learners of nature. It is a hard field to select but once you graduate, tons of opportunities present themselves at your doorstep. If you aspire to become a biologist, you need to decide and prepare yourself in the high school. Since there are countless biology fields to opt for, select the one you are inclined towards the most. Search for the colleges and universities which offer that program and pour your efforts in. Biology graduates are paid quite handsomely in the us.

Anyone interested in learning different aspects of nature should definitely go for biology. Following is the list containing some good biology fields you can go for after your high school.

  1. Biochemistry


Biochemistry is the branch of biology that deals with the study of chemical reactions within or associated with living organisms. Biochemists utilize their knowledge and techniques to solve biological problems. Biochemists work alongside with physicists, chemists, engineers, health care professionals and other professionals to contribute new information and evolve our comprehension of disease and health. They can work in many places including hospitals, food and cosmetic industries, forensics and education department etc. Many universities offer bachelor degree in biochemistry most important being the university of california-berkeley, hardvard university.

  1. Molecular biology

Microbiology is an emerging and innovative branch of biology which is the study of living organisms on the molecular basis. This field overlaps with particularly genetics and biochemistry. A molecular biologist has to work with advanced lab techniques and equipment. A number of jobs are available in government and private sectors. Some of the good universities offering microbiology are yale university, university of michigan-ann arbor.

  1. Biotechnology

It is one the most in demand field because it creates products and develops technologies for the betterment of mankind using the study of biology. Biotechnologists produce products that can help cure rare diseases, reduce waste in environment and help increase food quality and quantity. They usually work at universities or labs assisting with experiments. Good universities like john hopkins university, columbia university offer biotechnology degree.

  1. Genetics

Genetics deals with the study of genes, how they are inherited, activated, inactivated or mutated. They can work in hospitals, medical or biotechnological research labs to link medical practice with research on genes and inheritance. Top universities offering this degree include stanford university and hardvard university

  1. Environmental sciences

All this industrial and agricultural revolution is being achieved at the cost of deteriorating our environment. Thus, there is need to protect our environment. The demand for environmental biologists are increasing as they work alongside other scientists for companies to provide solutions to environmental problems. Stanford university and yale university offer best degree in environmental sciences.

  1. Microbiology

The study of micro-organisms is called microbiology. It encompasses sub fields like parasitology, virology etc. If you are interested in studying micro-organisms that play important role in health and ecosystem then this field should be opted by you. The good universities offering this degree are michigan state university and arizona state university.

  1. Zoology

This branch of biology encompasses all the aspects of animal study. It is one of the oldest fields in biology and a zoologist has a variety of job options including ecologist, nature conservation officer etc. University of california-berkeley and university of wisconsin-madison are good options for you to consider when you are opting for zoology.

  1. Botany

The scientific study of plant is botany. Bachelor’s in botany can get you started but a master’s or doctorate’s degree is generally required to advance in this field. Your career options can include working as an ecologist, horticulturist, biophysicist. Cornell university and university of california-berkeley offer good degree in pant biology major.

  1. Agriculture

The science of cultivating the soil for food production is agriculture. This field in interesting and can be a great benefit to you if you work in agriculture dependent countries. University of wisconsin-madison and cornell university provide the best degree in this field.

  1. Marine biology

Most students are unaware of this field but it does not mean that it is not in demand. It is a research field mainly focusing on organisms living in sea. Marine biologists are paid attractive salaries making it a good option to consider. Duke university and university of North Carolina are some of good universities offering marine biology.