Top Ten Biotechnology Degrees in the USA

Biotechnology is an emerging and in-demand field of biology which deals with production and development different products and techniques using living organisms and systems. The rapid inclination towards this field for the past few years is since all products obtained from biotechnology are extremely beneficial to man-kind and environment. From simple products like butter and vinegar to intricate productions like antibiotics, hormones and techniques like genetic engineering to cure diseases are all applications of this study. Biotechnology has its implications in almost every other area such medicine, agriculture, industry etc. Most students are opting for this field due to greater job opportunities available in public as well as private sector.

In the us, many good universities offer undergraduate programs in biotechnology. Following is the list where you can choose yourself the one which suits you:

  1. Bachelor Of Science In Biotechnology; Stanford University

Stanford university is ranked no.3 by the times higher education in 2017 and provides excellent biotechnology environment. If a student wants to opt for bioengineering (sub-category of biotechnology), then he should go for Stanford university as this degree is supported well by their school of medicine and engineering. For more information, you can head to their website.

  1. Bachelor Of Science In Biotechnology; University Of Wisconsin

It is a public research university well-renowned for its biotechnology related programs. It conducts great researches in this study providing the students with opportunities like outreach programs and workshops. Head to their website for further information.

  1. Bachelor of Science in biotechnology; Johns Hopkins university

It is a private, non-profit university with top-notch programs for biotechnology related studies. It is a good choice for students because this university has up-to-date facilities and faculty. Visit this link to see if this university suits you.

  1. Bachelor of science in biotechnology; Harvard University

Harvard university is considered is highly-reputed for their biological related studies. With so many categories to choose from, this university becomes ideal for biotechnology program. You can visit their website for obtaining further information.

  1. Bachelor of Science in biotechnology; University of Pennsylvania

This university with good rankings can be your choice for biotechnology related programs. Both bachelor’s as well as master’s degree programs are offered here. Visit third website for further information.

  1. Bachelor of science in biotechnology; Purdue University

This famous institute is popular among students for their life sciences program life biotechnology since most of the research activities conducted here is particular to biotechnology with emphasis on it’s areas such as dna-based forensics, vaccines etc. You can visit this link to go to the university website.

  1. Bachelor of science in biotechnology; University of Rhode Island

This public university situated at kingston is very research-oriented and it’s biotechnological programs are training students to be the part of top medical and research institutes. Go to the website by clicking the link provided here.

  1. Bachelor of Science in biotechnology; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

This university not only provides great education but also plenty job opportunities which make it attractive among students to study biotechnology in this university. Visit link.

  1. Bachelor of Science in biotechnology; Columbia University

This world famous institute provides educations in modern aspects of biotechnology and makes a good choice for the students for their self-directed research system. Link

  1. Bachelor of Science in biotechnology; Northwestern University

It is a research institute with plentiful accessible labs and grants available. Students can engage themselves in extensive researches in different areas as per their choice. Visit this link for more guidance.

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