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Top ten Microbiology Undergraduate Degrees in USA
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Microbiology deals with the study and research on micro-organisms and how we can benefit with them. It has contributed its share in the development in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, food production etc. Microbiology is a field in which there is a lot of research going on in order to uncover the maximum information regarding these microorganisms. With a degree in microbiology you have a lot of job opportunities available in different sectors. Following are the top ten microbiology degrees offered in USA.

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  1. Bachelor of science in microbiology; michigan state university

Michigan state university is esteemed to find its position top fifty public universities in usa. This university offers a lot of courses in different disciplines. College of natural science at michigan state university offers bachelor courses in the fields of biology, physics and chemistry. This college also facilitates students who are needy through various schemes. You can apply for bachelors in microbiology over here. For more information visit this link: https://natsci.msu.edu

  1. Bachelor of science in in microbiology; university of california-berkeley

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The department of plant and microbial biology administers the courses offered in microbiology. The university offers top ranking courses at bachelors, masters, and doctoral level. For undergraduate level, the students have a choice to opt for different majors and study the things they are interested in. If you want to apply for this bachelor’s degree, head to this link: http://plantandmicrobiology.berkeley.edu/undergrads

  1. Bachelor of science in microbiology; arizona state university

This university has earned its repute as one of the best western colleges. School of life sciences at arizona state university offers courses in biological sciences, microbiology, molecular biology and biotechnology. For more information regarding its microbiology program, visit: https://sols.asu.edu/degree-programs/microbiology

  1. Bachelor of science in microbiology; university of illinois

This university has about 21 laboratories on campus dedicated for research in microcellular studies. The authorities advise students in choosing their area of emphasis. If you want to pursue bachelors at University of Illinois follow this link: http://mcb.illinois.edu/departments/microbiology/undergraduate.html

  1. Bachelor of science in microbiology; university of michigan- ann arbour

The medical school at university of michigan overlooks the department of microbiology and immunology. The university has a repute of offering top-notch courses related to biomedical field. For bachelors of microbiology visit this link: https://medicine.umich.edu/dept/microbiology-immunology/education/courses/undergraduate-courses.

  1. Bachelor of science in microbiology; university of washingnton

This university offers both major and minor courses in microbiology at undergraduate level. For more information head to this link: https://medicine.umich.edu/dept/microbiology-immunology/education/courses/undergraduate-courses

  1. Bachelor of science in microbiology; university of wisconsin-madison

The department of bacteriology monitors research and study of the cellular data of microorganisms. The department offers courses in different biology disciplines, microbiology included. Visit this link: http://guide.wisc.edu/undergraduate/agricultural-life-sciences/bacteriology/microbiology-bs/

  1. Bachelor of science in microbiology; university of minnesota

The department of microbiology and immunology offers microbiology degree and minor courses at undergraduate level. Visit this link: https://www.microbiology.umn.edu/education/major-microbiology

  1. Bachelor of science in microbiology; university of california- davis

University of California is a large public university which also offers courses in microbiology, at undergraduate level too. Visit this link for further information: http://microbiology.ucdavis.edu/academics/undergraduate/

  1. Bachelor of science in microbiology; cornell university

Cornell university is a large private sector university. Need based scholarships are available for deserving students. You can apply for bachelors in microbiology, visit this link: https://micro.cornell.edu/academics/undergraduate

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