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The increasing productivity in the education standards of Nepal can be seen in the twentieth century, but the constant poverty comes in between speeding up this process, and many Nepali students face real-life difficulties when it comes to higher level education, and many bright students don’t get the chance to study in Universities. The United Kingdom has been planning to help students from Nepal to get the education that they deserve and has given many scholarship opportunities to them. Below are the details of the scholarships offered by UK universities. Read: UK Scholarships for indian students

University Of Bristol – Think Big Scholarships

University of Bristol offers a great deal of scholarships for Nepali students, so that they can put their worries aside and apply for higher education. For more information visit their website:

University of Strathclyde – Dean’s Global Research Scholarship

University of Strathclyde is compassionate enough to think of international students because of the number of scholarships it is offering to students from all around the world. The eligibility criteria in this scholarship is that it is available to international post graduate students of research. This award will be applied to 3 years in total. For more information please visit website:

University of Westminster – Distant Horizons Awards in UK

University of Westminster has number of fulltime scholarships with a number of accommodation to help international students study with ease. There are many other perks of applying in the scholarship in this university. And eligibility criteria is that it is opened for all international students of undergraduate level course of any subject. For more information please visit their website:

University of East Anglia – Full Fees Scholarship in UK

University of East Anglia is known for its quality education, and for its success in giving away the scholarships. It has announced full fees scholarship to the international students which is more than anyone could do for you. Feel free to submit your application on this website:

Brussels School of International Studies Scholarship at University of Kent in UK

University of Kent brings about the most successful program of the scholarship for international students, and promise the students a quality education from its side, and welcomes warmly to all international students to its school. The scholarship is for post graduate research level. Please feel free to visit their website:

Royal Academy of Engineering International Scholarship in UK

Royal academy of engineering in UK is considered one of the best institutes of UK in delivering the most updated and quality material of education to their students. International scholarships are the part of its values, and the people of Royal academy think that good education is the right if every student. Their scholarship for international students are a way to motivate students to learn and grow without the tension of paying fees. The scholarship is open for students of undergraduate.

Durham University Business School Dean’s Scholarship in UK

Durham University is helping students from around the whole world to come and study in its school, and is giving opportunity for that by giving scholarships. The name of the scholarship is Business School Dean’s scholarship. The scholarship is open to students pursuing M.Sc programs. For more information visit their website:

Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarships in UK

This award is for the students interested in applying for undergraduate level in school of mathematics in the University of Edinburgh. The scholarship is hard to get because it is based on competitive tasks and merits. So the student has to prove it that they deserve it. For more information, you can always visit this website:

University of East London – Dozens of Scholarships

There are more than dozens of scholarships granted by the University Of East London. The links to some are following and if you want to get the whole list of the many scholarships they offer then follow this link:

  • Team UEL Scholarships – University Of East London
  • Sports Scholarships – University Of East London
  • UEL Postgraduate Scholarship – University Of East London
  • Asylum Seekers Postgraduate Scholarship – University Of East London
  • EU Scholarships – University Of East London
  • Dean Scholarships – University Of East London

University of Central Lancashire – UCLAN FINANCIAL BURSARY

University of central Lancashire announces the scholarship opportunities for students of international countries, and for those especially who are from low income households. For more information please feel free to visit this website:

University of Glasgow International Students Scholarship

University of Glasgow offers an opportunity for Nepali students to study in top university of UK, and excel in the world of knowledge. The scholarship offered under this name is for students coming from different nationality than that of UK. For eligibility criteria the student must prove that he or she is hard working and takes studies seriously. For more information you can always visit this website:

University Of Sheffield – Undergraduate degree scholarships eg BA, BSc, BEng, and MEng

University of Sheffield is offering 50 scholarships to the international students with 50% off from the tuition fees, and with 10% discount on tuition fees. This scholarship opportunity is for undergraduate students who are looking forward to take admission in this university in the field of BA, BSc, BEng, and MEng. Students are appreciated to apply for this scholarships. For more information please visit their website, and good luck! :

University Of Sheffield – Postgraduate masters degree scholarships e.g. MA, MSc

Postgraduate students are welcomed to sign up for the scholarship in university of Sheffield in UK, and 100 scholarships are awarded by this university worth 25% of the tuition fees. It is to be noted that this university is one of the best universities of UK, and they respect their students and consider them an important part of their university. This scholarship is for international students who are planning to take their admission in MA, and MSc and other programs of postgraduate. To get more information regarding this scholarship, please visit this website:

University Of Sheffield – Postgraduate research degree scholarships eg PhD, MPhil

University Of Sheffield is offering another great opportunity of scholarships and grants to the Nepali students who want to continue their postgraduate research degree, and want to grow and learn without any tension. For more details, please visit this website and we hope you will get the desired results:

Queen Mary University Of London

Queen Mary University of London offers a great number of scholarships for Nepali students who want to educate themselves with quality education. The university offers a range of different scholarships on the basis of different levels of education that you are applying in their university. Simple procedure of application fill in forms are considered. Students are appreciated to demand scholarship, and international students are offered with great opportunities, and grants on so many levels. For more information, please click this link, and we hope you get the desired results:

Northumbria University Scholarships for deserving Nepali students

This university is known for selecting students from Nepal because they consider Nepali students to be more deserving, and they have certain scholarships reserve for only Nepali students. So, this university is safe to be considered as the best university where you can apply to get the best opportunities.  There have been many scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, masters, Ph.D, and research programs to enable students to learn without worrying about anything. For more information, you can always visit this Website of Northumbria University:

Above were some of the best Universities and best scholarships that they offer to the students of Nepal, it would be highly appreciated if you visit their website for more information, and best of luck with your studies! Education is one way to learn other ways are exploring the world, explore it! And keep learning.

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