UK Scholarships for Pakistani students

The government and the associated educational authorities of offer variety of scholarships for Pakistani students who desire to proceed their greater studies in UK. Not only the high achievers, but the average Pakistani students can also apply for universities in UK to pursue their career and develop a professional career path for themselves.

Every college in UK provides a number of scholarships that might appear useful to requirements of Pakistani students. There are tons of scholarships openings for every kind of student. The government along with the educational authorities are constantly working to provide scholarships for students in order to study abroad. If you are seeking for an educational scholarship in UK, then you have landed on the right page. Here is the list of scholarships you can avail for studies in the upcoming session (2019). Trying to find scholarships in UK requires a lot of lookup as well as persistence but their promises are surely exceptional. Even though, finding scholarships can be a little hard in the beginning but eventually you’ll see that it wasn’t as hard as it seemed.

The Charles Wallus Pakistan Trust – Scholarships for Pakistani students – scholarships in UK

The Charles Wallus Pakistan Trust (CWPT) was established in 1981. The trust initially used to be administered by the means of the British Council, and is currently running independently. The British Council provides help and support of numerous kinds in order to provide quality education to Pakistani students.

The trustees of CWPT’S have the right to use the earnings for the benefit of Pakistani’s that are generally living in their homeland Pakistan by enabling then to strengthen their professional academic career or for their development of their doctoral studies in UK, in the ways given below:

  1. Visiting Artists
  2. Doctoral Bursaries
  3. Reserved Visiting Fellowships
  4. Open Visiting Fellowships
  5. This scholarship allows Pakistani men and women to undertake brief visits to UK in order to broaden and build their contacts, skills, knowledge.


  • Their eligibility depends on being true candidates of Pakistani national.
  • They are typically junior or mid-career professionals or teachers aged between 30-50 years.

The Dean’s Scholarship – Durham University of Business Studies scholarships – scholarships for students from Pakistan

The Durham University of Business Studies, is an internationally acknowledged prestigious university. It provides numerous scholarships for deserving students, one of the most famous known as The Dean’s Scholarship. The scholarship is offered to the students who have significant achievement in both academics and extra-curricular activities. The admission based on the Dean’s scholarship offers 50% off on the tuition fee. Below is the eligibility criteria of the Dean’s scholarships.


Eligibility requires all international students.

Eligible subject area:

The scholarships are available only for M.Sc. / MBA Programs.

Scholarships last date: May 31st, 2019

  • The Durham University is keen on providing financial aid to all those who are deserving.
  • The Durham University of Business Studies is pleased to announce an all-inclusive package deals of great scholarships to all those who are interested in their Post Graduate Taught Programmes.
  • Applicants will be judged upon :
  • Academic Achievement
  • Voluntary trip and work applicable towards the programme that they have acquired.
  • Any unique or additional qualities, skills, co-curricular activities or experience that can add to or relate to the particular programme.

Chevening Scholarship – University of Lincoln in England scholarship for Pakistani students

  • The University of Lincoln in England is a public lookup University. It provides a broad variety of guides bridging Arts, Science, Social Science, and business.
  • It offers two kinds of scholarships namely; the Chevening scholarships and Chevening fellowships.
  • You should have an undergraduate degree to apply for the scholarship.
  • Should have 2 years work experience.


  • Eligibility requires all international students.

Eligible subject area:

  • The scholarships are available achieving undergraduate or postgraduate coursework students.
  • The University of Lincoln, every year is glad to grant a number of scholarships to the high achievers throughout the world, like:
  • Postgraduate (Taught)
  • Postgraduate (Research)

International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship 2019 – University Of Sheffield scholarship for Pakistani and Asian students

Sheffield presents a large quantity of specific scholarships for students from Pakistan.

  • For Pakistani students there are 2 scholarships available right away- both of them are actually half i.e. 50% of the actual annual undergraduate training fee.
  • You can apply before 26. April. 2019, 16:00 hours (UK time).
  • The results of the scholarship will be announced on 31st. May. 2019 at 16:00 hours (UK time).
  • It is assured for the first year and is on hand for the nearby coming years, but now not for the time spent in enterprise.
  • For students to qualify for this scholarship have to gain 60% or greater in the preceding educational year.
  • The scholarship that is provided in the shape of lessened or discounted tuition expenses only will be awarded to them only on the groundwork of academic advantage.

1st Formations Business Scholarship – The University of Kent scholarships – scholarships for Pakistani students

  • With the help of The Bestway Foundation University of Kent is presenting scholarships not only for Pakistani students but internationally as well to chase their postgraduate diploma in a number of fields.
  • Your situations and demand for additional financial funding as defined in your account.
  • The closing dates for the 1st Formations Business Scholarship is 31st. May. 2019.
  • The successful candidates will be contacted on 28th. June. 2019.
  •  The scholarships will cover training expenses and grant a keep up award for the year 2019-2020.

Aldgate and Allhallows Foundation Scholarship – Queen Mary University Of London scholarship for Pakistani students

  • A number of scholarships are also provided by the Queen Mary University of London for Pakistani students.
  • Undergraduate students can apply for the scholarships.
  • The value of the scholarship is 1250 pounds per year for three years.
  • You must be under 25 years to apply in the University for the Undergraduate Programme.
  • Over the past few years a wide range of students have graduated from this particular university.
  • There are approximately 214 Pakistani students studying in this institute, who are continuing to complete their degree Programmes that not only includes undergraduate but also provides a ground for postgraduate studies.
  • The most fascinating thing about the Queen Mary University of London is that it has a mounted recognition when it comes to providing scholarships and different opportunities to Pakistani students especially.

Millennium Scholarship for Pakistani Students – scholarships for Pakistani students – Scholarships in University of West England for Pakistani students

  • The people willing to take the scholarship in the University of West England is needed to undertake the Associate in the Nursing situation operating inside the International workplace or any other alternative department. Other than this they can also be needed to undertake the diplomatist activity for the University throughout the length of course.
  • The scholarship offers 50% tuition fee for one year.
  • The main target group is the students classed as oversees for fees objectives.


All international and oversees Pakistani students can apply for the scholarship.

Eligibility subject area:

Scholarship is on the market for undergraduate work students.

Due Date:

The due date for the application of the scholarship is 28th. April. 2019.

Tony Shaw International Students House Scholarships – University of Westminster scholarships for Pakistani students

University of Westminster was established in 1838 which is one of the most recognized universities in UK. The university offers a wide range of scholarships for post graduate programmes, one of the most famous one being the Tony Shaw International Students House scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria:  

  • All international students and oversees Pakistanis are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • You must be an international student from a developing country in order to apply.
  • The scholarship offers full tuition fee award, flight to and from London, accommodation and living expenses as well.
  • The deadline for application of the scholarship is 31st. May. 2019.

Eligible Subject Area:

The scholarships are available for Master’s degree only.

Clarendon Scholarship for Pakistani Student – Scholarships for Asian and Oversees Pakistani students

Clarendon Scholarships are awarded on the groundwork of excellent educational merit and workable to graduate college students from all round the world.

The scholarships are well-founded all told subject areas and are hospitable candidates who apply for a replacement master’s or Doctor of Philosophy course by the Gregorian calendar month admissions point.

International Undergraduate Full-Fee Scholarship – Nottingham Trent University scholarship for Pakistani Students

The scholarships of Nottingham are allotted within the initial year of study solely.

Due Date:

The deadlines for the scholarship are:

  • Monday 25 February 2019 16:00 GMT
  • Monday 25 March 2019 16:00 GMT
  • Monday 20 May 2019 16:00 GMT

A student World Health Organization is assessed as not being qualified to receive a Nottingham Trent University Scholarship within the initial year won’t be eligible to receive a National Trent University Scholarship in any ensuing year of study, regardless of any ensuing modification in circumstances. If you are presented with a state scholarship, you cannot be thought of for a Nottingham Trent University scholarship.

Rhodes Scholarships in UK – University of Oxford scholarships for Pakistani students

The choice Committee of Rhodes seeks adolescents of outstanding thinking power, the ability of being a authoritative leader and World Health Organization demonstrate a powerful tendency to become as Leaders.

The scholarships is only for 2 years, challenge usually to best academic performance and private conduct.

Eira Francis Davies Scholarship – Swansea University scholarships – scholarships for Pakistani students

The genus Eira Francis Davies Scholarship may be a complete lessons charge scholarship granted to lady college students and usually resident in, a developing country, United Nations agency are awarding postgraduate Masters Programme.

International Excellence and Merit Scholarship – Swansea University Scholarships for Pakistani students

These scholarships are also provided by the Swansea University. Every year we have a quantity of advantage Scholarships on the market for college students UN agency have already incontestable educational excellence, or fail to perform throughout their journey at Metropolis University.

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