Undergraduate Access Scholarship University of Melbourne Australia

Scholarships are provided to the students with outstanding achievements in education who cannot afford their higher education. Providing a student with Scholarship is the best way to award him/her for their hard work in studies. Australian government understands how important is it to take care of the needs of the citizens and residents of the Australia. Many scholarships and grants are provided to the normal students and the disabled students who would like to study in a university on the post graduate and undergraduate levels and achieve the accomplishments in their lives.

University of Melbourne provides many scholarships to the disabled and the normal students. The university also awards the scholarships to the students who were not able to achieve higher grades in year 12 due to any circumstances that may affect their studies directly or indirectly. Following are the scholarships that are awarded by the University of Melbourne to the students who are interested in undergraduate programs.

Melbourne Access Scholarship

Almost 170 of these scholarships are awarded each year. These scholarships are provided to the students with disability or the students who are facing any circumstances.

Almost 170 of these scholarships are awarded each year. These scholarships are provided to the students with disability or the students who are facing any circumstances. Under the Melbourne access scholarship, different kinds of scholarship are provided to the eligible students.


To get the benefit from the Melbourne access scholarship, following are the points that makes a student eligible for receiving the scholarship:

  • The student must be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand.
  • The student must have completed year 12.
  • The student must not have been awarded with the degree course at any institution.
  • The student should show the ability to successfully to take the course of their choice.
  • The student should apply for the university of Melbourne non graduate course via Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).


There are many grants that are provided to the students who are awarded with any of the scholarships that lie under the Melbourne access scholarships. The university provides more than 500 bursary payments each year that may vary from $200-$10,000. These scholarships also help the students with the housing and renting matters. These scholarships can also be extended if the student is studying any other concurrent diploma at the same time they are studying in the bachelors program.


The students do not need to provide a separate application for applying for these scholarships. The students who have applied for any course in the university via VTAC Special Entry Admission Scheme (SEAS) will be considered as the applicants.


The students are shortlisted on the basis of the information they have provided in the VTAC SEAS application. The ATAR and the reason for applying for the scholarship will be the points of selection.

Value of Undergraduate Access Scholarship

The total allowance of $15,000 is provided which is paid in 6 half-yearly installments. Ten students who have achieved high grades will receive an exemption in tuition fee for their commonwealth supported place up $30,500.

Undergraduate Access Scholarship application deadline: You can apply for these scholarships from August to September. Please visit Official Link for detail info.