US Student Visa Application Mistakes – You Should Avoid at any Cost

Now that you have made your mind to get admission in the US university, you need to be very careful while filling out the US student visa application forms. These are the common mistakes that you should avoid while filling out all kind of admission and visa application forms. First, you need to get registered under SEVP that is US Government and Student Exchange Visitor Programme. You should be very honest with the required details while filling out the form. After all it’s the matter of your future. Plus you are paying 200 dollars fee. 200 dollars isn’t a small amount. So, you need to gather some knowledge about money exchange before paying the fee. Like you need to know the exact amount in US dollars and how much fees it convert into your currency. Paying a wrong amount can result in unnecessary delay. Here is how to apply for US student visa

  • Try not to become over efficient. Only provide the documents that are asked for.
  • Don’t overdo the things, keep it true, consistent and precise
  • Be VERY careful about the authenticity of your documents
  • Don’t ever try to provide fake documents. Because this can cause you a label of lifetime rejection of the US visa.

US Student Visa Application MistakesYou don’t have to beg for the visa. Be very realistic and straight forward in your approach. Obviously you eagerly want to attain the US visa. But don’t present and show yourself as a needy person. They not only examine your academic qualifications and professional abilities but also judge your personality. Show yourself as a person with a strong and broadminded mentality.

Necessary Arrangements for US Student Visa application

Photograph is an essential requirement while filling out the US student visa form. It is a visual representation of your personality. Make sure you provide them with your current photographs. Sometimes your student visa solely gets rejected because you give them your old pictures and they fail to recognize you.

Make sure you have a possession of a camera or a scanner and you have an internet access. Because these are things required for the online application form. Don’t get late while applying to US Embassy or the consulate. Try to finish the mentioned and required things before the deadline. Applying out late can cause you to miss your initial classes.  So that you won’t have to stress over the things. One needs to be very calm during this entire hectic process.

Health & Character are taken very serious

Medical certificate and the criminal record certificate are the thing that are usually asked for while filling out the US student visa form. These are the important necessities of the documents that need to be attached with the application form. Try your best to attain these certificates way before the submission of your US student visa application form. Because these things can cause your visa delay or disapproval.

Upon arrival at the US airport, US officials will ask you to show your student visa permit and all the documents. Make sure you carry all the authentic documents along with you.

Lastly, all the documents and the information mentioned on them should be clearly readable from the naked eyes. If the US immigration officials experience difficulty in reading and understanding your personal and professional details, they might reject your student visa at the spot and don’t grant you the student permit. Thus, you would have to come back to your homeland. So, try to avoid these mistakes while filling out the US student visa form so that you can fulfill your dream of studying in US university and residing in the United States of America.

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