Victorian State Nomination Skilled Nominated (190) Visa

Victorian state of Australia can nominate skilled professionals which are required in Victorian labor market. This is called Skilled Nominated visa subclass 190. There are several factors which are evaluated by Victorian immigration department before issuing state nomination. This page explains who can apply for Victorian state nomination, what is the application procedure and what documents you need with your application.

  • State nomination occupation list
  • Eligibility requirements
  • How to apply

Full nomination procedure, application process and list of required documents are listed here below.

State Nomination Occupation List for Victoria

victoria-state-volunteers-324x160Victoria is one of the largest states of Australia. Victoria offer state nomination to specific skilled professionals which are in demand in Victoria labor market. These occupations are listed here.

Eligibility Requirements

There are several factors including age, occupation, language skills, work experience and finances which are considered before offering state nomination. Each eligibility factor is detailed here.


You must apply before your 50th birthday for Skilled Nominated Visa (190).

Language Skills

Applicant must have at least 6 band score in each module of IELTS. Before applying you must provide IELTS certificate. Residents of USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK and Ireland are not required to provide IELTS certificate.


Not every professional can apply for Victoria state nomination. Only those applications are considered which are listed in Skilled occupation list for Victoria.

Work Experience

Applicant must have work experience listed in Skilled occupation requirements. For required experience for each occupation, please visit Skilled occupation list for Victoria.


All skilled nomination visa applicants must have access to certain amount which may be required for living expenses during your initial days in Victoria. Following table tells how much amount you require to apply for skilled nomination visa 190. Individual applicant aplying from overseas need to demonstrate access to at least AUD30000/.

How to Apply for Victorian State Nomination Visa 190

  1. First of all you need to check whether you meet the eligibility points or not. All eligibility factors are described in above section.
  2. Launch your nomination application online here. There is no fees for Victoria state nomination
    • For nomination application, you need;
    • A detailed CV with dates and explanation of qualifications, experiences and certifications
    • IELTS certificate (Minimum 6 band in each section)
    • Trade/educational certifications
    • Work experience certificates and references
    • Proof of licensing (if required)
  3. If you nomination is accepted, then accept nomination offer from Victorian government
  4. Launch your visa application with DIAC

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